Late Harvest

It's been snowing here, for the last four days. Snow, people. It's winter. The parsley in my window sill planter is covered in snow, and the pineapple sage is freezing it's leaves off. I think I may have managed to save the lemon verbena, but you can never be quite sure.

So what am I up to with the tomatoes? Nothing but bragging, really. These are from my tomato plant, from this summer. I just had a couple today, for lunch. I have no idea how this is possible, but the green ones are slowly riping in the paper bag I've put them in, on the counter, and every once in a while, there's enough for a nice sandwich. If it wasn't because I'd grown them myself, I'd be sure they were full of pesticides and other nasty-ness - how else could they keep for so long? - but they're not. I grew them on the balcony. They're all natural (apart from being city-tomatoes, that is) And they're really tasty, too.

What do you grow?


santos. said…
mold. v. successfully, too. always in season!

Anonymous said…
Pretty tomatoes!

This year I grew butternut squash and loads of basil. The plum tree hardly gave much fruit, and my apple tree had plenty of blossom but no fruit. We had rotten weather all year, so I didn't expect much. Hopefully I'll get some apples next year when the tree is a bit more established!
Anonymous said…
That's a beautiful picture!
Anonymous said…
This year? Tomatoes, jalapenos, cucumbers, peas, beans, parsley, basil, strawberries, rhubarb (planted but not harvested), squash. Re: tomatoes. I pick them green this time of year and lay them single file in a box on newspaper. One rots now and then but most slowly turn red. They don't taste as good as summer tomatoes but they taste far better than store-bought.
Gemma said…
I don't grow anything unfortunately as we have no outside space and don't even have a window suitable for a window box :(
Jeanne said…
What a lovely photos - and LOL at Santos' comment!!

As you've probably seen on my blog, I grew tomatoes this year - loads of them - but they seriously would not ripen. And because the plants were affected by tomato blight, leaving them on the windowsill to ripen was not realyl an option as they woudl go shrivelly and brown, not plump and red - only 3 unaffected ones ripened on the sill. And I made chutney with my glut of tomatoes. I also grew chillies that I'm too scared to taste, and butternut squash which was an unmitigated disaster.
Kevin Kossowan said…
Winter. Ugh.
My seed catalog order will include carrot, couple varieties of beets, chard, couple winter squashes, couple summer squashes, kale, variety of lettuce greens, variety of herbs, and tomatoes. My perennial herb garden is a prized treasure, as are my asparagus, blackberry, strawberry, and apple.
Just putting in tomatoes (a little late) here in NZ as is our summer of course. Um.. maybe see my blog for other things I'm growing as there is quite a long list
Mint! Im a summertime person, and that means mojitos. Fresh is the only way to go!

Anything else Ive managed to kill, both here in NY and home in TX.

The UE
Zarah Maria said…
Santos - you funny, you!;)

Angela - last year was ridiculous around here, and everything died on me - boohoo! Those are the woes of a gardener, I suppose. I envy your butternut squash - I'm taking quite a liking too those, but I imagine growing them in a pot on the balcony won't make much sense...

Gemma - thanks :)

Ellen - thanks for the tip on tomatoes. And WOW on the growing! Wish I had more soil...

Gemma - bummer. That was what it was like in our old apartment. Basil in the window sill, at most. Or cress. Which you can ALWAYS grow :)

Jeanne - chilies you're afraid to taste? They must be darn hot ones! I like growing chilies too, they're so pretty, and we have a woman we buy plants from that grows a 100+ varieties - but I'm not very keen on hot-ish foods, so I don't know what to do with them! Maybe my sweet chilisauce? Hm...

Kevin - seed catalog order? I'm not jealous. At all. No, really. *walks over to corner to sit and mope because she doesn't have the possibility of ordering from a seed catalog*

Bridget - Oh I've seen what you're growing! Again, envy is a b**** ;)

Tennea-Perman - thank you!
Fie Werley said…
ack! Those tomatoes are gorgeous! I'm a little jealous. I wasn't able to plant any this year so I was homegrown tomato-less. I did grow some herbs. Basil primarily. The pesto was great. :)
Dewi said…
I am so jealous, my tomatoes in my vegetable garden are long gone. Luckily, we live in a mild climate of California, so we able to have tomatoes year round. Though, I agree that nothing taste as good as your veggy form your own garden.

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