Seriously? Seriously.

Cupcakes for a friend of mine's wedding, back in August. The living room served as assembly station - there was A LOT of cupcakes, I'm telling ya! I used a recipe from my trusted source, Chockylit - the one here.

I'm joining NaBloPoMo.
Because there are too many photos lying about, too many words unwritten, too many post-it's in the cookbooks, too little focus and too little time. And because I miss doing this, and it seems I can only either do it all day, every day, or not at all.
No promises as to the content, but (hopefully) I'll have a post for you, every day of the month this November. Heck, I may even keep it up for December, like last year. You joining the madness too?
(And I know, this is already a cheat's post, 'cause I'm backdating, but I didn't realize NaBloPoMo was yesterday until today. So excuses already ;))


Ilva said…
good, i am looking forward to it! I may do it too actually!
Jeanne said…
Yes! I have lost my marbles and signed up again!

Lookign forward to a month of posts - let's start a foodie NaBloPoMo support group :)
Anonymous said…
Good luck with it! I only realised about NaBloPoMo today and well... I'd be behind already :P

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