Tried & Tested

Be warned. This is heavy with Smitten Kitchen recipes ;)

February 2015
I've been wanting to do this f.o.r.e.v.e.r, and I finally did. What is as amazing as I expected? Not quite. But I liked it. M not so much so ;P Used one regular chili (yeah, the one you get at the grocery store, it doesn't have a name around here) and that was the right amount of heat for me. Eggs took way longer than 5 minutes to cook - perhaps a more shallow pan? Served with sausauges and buttered bread. Breakfast for dinner!
Waffles - perfect for Saturday morning.

January 2015
Winter Panzanella
Date, Feta & Red Cabbage Salad - very liked by Martin, even with the dates in it!
Everyday Pancakes from Mark Bittman, via Smitten Kitchen - quick to do, and NO BUTTERMILK, which I only have around every once and again...

December 2015
Granola Bars for school and snacks and everything in between. Tweaking them for a little less sweetness.

August 2015
Flour tortillas. Tried rolling them out, putting a plastic sheet between them, then keeping them in the fridge until needed, and cooked them, Think I would be better off rolling them just before I cook them.

May 2015
Also, rhubarb season: rhubarb cake. Definitely a keeper.

April 26th., 2015
I always buy broccoli, and I always forget it in the back of the fridge. Never again.
Broccoli-parmesan fritters.

March 22nd., 2015
It was a Sunday, I had a jar of creme fraiche in the fridge and surprise guests for breakfast. Enter:
Edna Mae's Sour Cream pancakes from Smitten Kitchen
Delish and easy to do!

February 2015
Jamie Oliver to the rescue - twice!
Vietnamese Bun Cha
Hungover Noodles

Way before that:

Smitten Kitchen's Cheesecake-marbled Brownies
Good, but somehow very buttery/oily... Like the idea of topping with the chocolate chips. Standard recipe just as good, tho...


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