Photo Makeover! One of My Favorite Lunches

It's been four years since I started blogging. Mind you, the last two years has had it's share of unusually quiet months. It's not how I want it to be. I admire the people that manage to put up post everyday, all year - heck, I admire the people that gets up posts a few times a week, or just once a week.

I can't explain what has happened. Life, the ever present excuse, yes. Not trying so many new things, or them not working out well, or forgetting to take the photos to prove I actually made something. There are only so many times you can post a recipe on brownies. Actually, on the subject of brownies, there might be arguments you can do a bunch of posts.

I seem to have been in this dump for a while now, and I want it to stop. I guess it's mostly a matter of DOING it. That's probably why I'm trying this NaBloPoMo-thing - so that I HAVE to post. I'm not happy with everything I put up, but at least my mind starts working differently, and with what it is that I want to change. I'd like to think.

I remember the time of wanting to post three posts on the same day, just because I had so much to say. It's not that I want that again, I just want to feel like I have something to say. It doesn't have to be all unique and special all day, every day, but it somehow has to be something that's close to my heart. It has to have a purpose. Even though it is, afterall, only food.;)

This was one of the very first posts I ever did. Wait, stop! Please don't click that link. Seriously, your eyeballs may just pop out from the bad photo experience you'll have if you go there. This was before - long before - I figured out what a macro button was. Or how to turn off the flash. And the likes. Whew. It's quite funny - and oddly disturbing - to go back to some of these posts. Times sure have changed.

The salad's still awesome, though. Brown beans, pickled cucumber, fresh cucumber, hardboiled eggs, lots and lots of chopped parsley, coarse grain mustard, a little olive oil. Feel free to bulk it out with spinach, maybe some bacon bits. A hunk of bread, preferably something dark. Keeps well in the fridge, so you can make it the night before you want to bring it to work, or school or wherevere it is that you're going.


Anonymous said…
I've experienced exactly the same thing myself, but you're a med student so you have a huge excuse/reason right there.

I think NaBlo-thingie is a great way to get back into blogging and I can't say enough how fantastic it is to see you back!
Anonymous said…
Oh how I cringe when I look back at my first post, honestly! It's the writing as much as the photos in the early days, before I'd found my style I think would be the polite way of putting it! Your salad looks delicious, it is exactly the same sort of thing I like to take with me for lunch :)
Jeanne said…
LOL - I know exactly how you feel re the photos! When I started blogging, I had a webcam and nothing else - I just CRINGE when I see my early photos... So far I have (largely) resisted the urge to go back and fix them. I think of it this way - at least I can always go back and see how far I've come ;-)
Eva said…
I exactly know what you mean, having had more than my share of non-blogging this year... However, I think it's best to just enjoy yourself without the pressure of having to put up only absolutely fantastic posts. I like what I see here!
Gemma said…
That pretty much sums up how I have been blogging lately and why I also joined NaBloPoMo. I am enjoying it so far and notice that the more I write the more natural I find it which is good for helping me to keep up momentum with regular posts and will hopefully carry me through future months when I hope to set regular posting days.

p.s - you salad looks fab.
Zarah Maria said…
Angela - I know, there is that excuse, but that's not really the reason I'm not blogging. Eh. Now I am, so I'll just savor the moment :)

Helen - I agree! Cringe is just the word!

Jeanne - I don't want to go back and fix things either - hey, I'm not trying to change the fact that I wore neon colors in the 80's ;) - but there's no reason we can't show things from their best side. Hence the Photo Makeover series. It's no good, though - people still get referred to my old post, with very cringe-worthy photos of my sweet chili sauce. The photos in that post I'd really love to change, but I can't make myself do it. It's how it was, and it's how it's gonna stay. :)

Eva - enjoying ourselves is what it should all be about, first, foremost and ultimately :)

Gemma - I agree. Things flow much easier, now that blogging's a routine (and a good one!). I do miss having the time and energy for doing more thorough posts though - I have a couple subjects I'd like to give my point of view of, and some stories I'd like to tell. I'd also like to get better at editing myself, watch the language a little more carefully, etc., but that all starts with actual writing, right? There'll be time for that. I hope to set up regular posting days later on as well. And thank you, re. the salad :)
Your comment about the photograph made me laugh to myself. I just started a blog and that's how I feel about my pictures :(. I hope my photographs improve and turn out as beautiful as yours are now!

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