Dining with Three Bloggers - November 17th., 2008

One more time, for the crowd! ;)

Vanilla Raspberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting from Cupcake Bakeshop

I made these cupcakes for one of my Sister's friends, back in May. Vanilla cupcakes with a couple raspberries thrown in, and a pink cream cheese frosting. Yes, it was an All Girl Birthday, how did you know? You probably won't be surprised that the recipe was an adaptation of one from the now sadly 'closed' Cupcake Bakeshop, namely this one, and inspired by this one. Basically, I made the batter, then layered it in the cupcake liners with some frozen raspberries. I liked how the raspberries cut the sweetness a little, because you know, those cupcakes are sweet!

Savoy Cabbage Gratin from Orangette
Now you've had your sweets, I'm sorry, but you gotta eat your greens, too. Molly posted about this Savoy Cabbage Gratin a couple days ago and lo and behold if there wasn't a Savoy cabbage sale at the local supermarket shortly after. I grabbed one, remembering Molly's post, something about some triple cream cheese and... hm. Went to the cheese shop, got me some Delice de Bourgogne, the only triple cream cheese they had - and one I later found out Molly'd used too! Crazy coincidence! Molly warns against using the rind of the cheese - I hadn't read that (I'm so attentive, aren't I?), and used it, and yes, it's pungent, but if you don't mind that, I say go for it. Also, I used a shallot, finely minced, in place of the spring onions - I might have gotten lucky with remembering 'triple cream cheese', but something as mundane as spring onions - no.

Molly had me buying the book this recipe is from a while ago, after she'd raved about it, and this dish is just one more that makes the book a great buy. I absolutely LOVED the gratin. Had the leftovers for lunch Saturday, and it was even more perfect with a poached egg and buttered brown bread. I didn't mind that M wasn't so fond of it, 'cause it meant I had it all to myself :)

Green Beans with Hazelnuts from Fresh Approach Cooking

Yes, more greens - you need something to make up for those cupcakes;) I like green beans. Like, really like. Especially for Pariserbøffer, and the ones I usually make is just a tad mustardy for when you also have pickles and everything there. These here, green beans with hazelnuts, were perfect though. Crispy, buttery, with crunchy-buttery nuts. Easy, fast and yum! Will definitely make them again.


Lily Penelope said…
Now I am officially hungry! I'll try this recipe too (Savoy Cabbage Gratin). I will have to subjectivize it a little since I'm allergic to cow's milk! I'll try it with goat cream...who knows what's going to happen!!!Great! Buon Appetito!
iGurman said…
Very nice. I have also a site for recipes for cooking. See. I love your recipes. I am from the Slovak Republic. Be translated through Google translate http://www.irecepty.com
Jeanne said…
Look at the colour of that raspberry frosting!! And I love the comforting sound of the cabbage gratin. Even better - there's a savoy cabbage in my fridge right now :)

And how amazing that you can see the Aurora Borealis from your kitchen window!!
Zarah Maria said…
Lily Penelope - you just do what you have to do, I'm sure it'll be lovely almost no matter what you do to it.

Gabriel - thanks! I'll have a look!

Jeanne - Make it, I'm telling you, it's great! (and re. the aurora - I think you got me confused with Claudia - I'm not far enough north to see it from here :( )
Gemma said…
I've been planning to make that gratin, it sounds incredible. I have some reblochon in the fridge that was earmarked for tartiflette but may be time to reconsider. I bought the braising book last week after reading way too many recommendations on Orangette.
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous cupcakes! Very girly indeed :)

I keep hearing people rave about this gratin. I may have to give it a whirl, too...

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