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If I could, I would spend the majority of my time either in the kitchen, cooking or baking, or in my bed, pouring over cookbooks and cooking magazines. I'd make all of the recipes in my del.ici.ous-folder, try new things and buy new ingredients all the time. I'd bake cookies and decorate cakes and have a sparkling clean fridge and a shiny stove. And no dirty dishes near the sink.

In reality, I seldom know what to make for dinner. I love brownies, and freshly baked bread, meatballs and pasta, and should eat more fish (and also, vegetables) than I do. Organic produce, local produce, fresh, seasonal produce is what I want, but sometimes, I eat Dutch bell peppers, imported carrots and shrink-wrapped bacon from pigs that I KNOW weren't raised the way I'd like they were. I aim to get better, to eat better, to be more conscious about the way I eat. I would like to know my fish monger and a butcher, too, and the dude that sells vegetables, the local ones.

But sometimes, I fail. It's called economics, laziness, being hungry and busy. It's called life. And Irma has a really nice selection of local produce. Luckily.

I live with my boyfriend, Martin, and together we have Charlie, an all-eating fantastic boy of (at the time of writing) 10 months. My family is huge and we love being with them. They're just about as crazy about food and the making of it as I - we - are. So we eat a lot, we're loud and fun and happy, and we care about each other.

Food & Thoughts is my blog, and I write it to have a creative outlet and a small piece of the internet that is mine, all mine. If you read through the archives, you'll notice that I often complain about not posting enough and well, I don't. But I like knowing I have this place, that it's open and free and that I can come back, put up my feet, grab a big mug of tea and just relax here.


I blog in English because back when I started Food & Thoughts (in 2004), the food blogging community was English. Australians, Americans and people from Great Britain, but there were no Danish food blogs, and certainly none written in Danish. So if I wanted any chance of becoming a part of the world that I found so intriguing, blogging in English was the way to do it.

These days, there's A LOT of Danish food blogs - ones kept in English and a truckload of Danish ones, too - but I decided to keep blogging in English. I like it, and I like that I have to think a little more about what I write than if I did it in my native tongue. I love reading blogs, food-centered or other. The most important for me in a blog is personality. If I can't figure out who you are, why should I read your blog? I'm a lazy blog reader though, and check most of the ones I read through my RSS-reader.

I don't do ads - I find them annoying, but understand why some people keep them if they blog for a living. I don't do link exchanges - but you're welcome to leave a comment or send me an email telling me about your blog and I'll have a look around. I generally don't do plugs for products or books, but if you feel like sending me something, you're welcome - I'll write about it if I want to, but that's totally at my discretion. To be fair, I've recieved a couple of books, but I never wrote anything about them here. Maybe I will, some day, maybe I won't.

You can contact me at zarahjordahn(at)gmail(dot)com.


I love your sweet chilli sauce recipe. We have plenty of "bishops cap" capsicum.

We live in Australia,in a mild subtropical climate, the reverse of your seasons. So now our summer crops are finishing. It is April.
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