Dining with Three Bloggers - November 4th., 2008

Short and sweet today, I'm on the couch watching series with M :) What would a post-athon be without my trusted Dining with the Bloggers, or as in this case, Dining with Three Bloggers? Nothing, I say, so here you go:

Whole Wheat Apple Muffins from Smitten Kitchen

Deb's Whole Wheat Apple Muffins were a big hit at the ICU I spend a couple of days in (as a medical student, not a patient!) back in spring. Especially after I convinced the nurses they were practically healthy, what with the apples and whole wheat and oats on top (and addition I made) and what have you. They disappeared fast, even though someone else had brought in candy on the same day as well. That's one of Deb's recipes down - now I only have 81 bookmarked to go!

Soba with Peanut Citrus Dressing from Orangette

I think I have yet to do a Dinning with Three Bloggers that doesn't involve one of Molly's recipes - this one shall be no exception. Her soba noodles with peanut citrus sauce (actually, as with the chickpeas, this is the brainchild of her husband Brandon - we must give credit where credit is due! ;)) are nothing short of lovely. Creamy peanutbutter, lime juice and crunchy vegetables. Good-good-good-good-GOOD. I took the liberty of using whatever greens I had lying around, at the time peas and carrots, but I have no doubt that radishes are perfect here, as is bok choy, if you like it - I'm not so fond of it myself. I was planning on bringing some for lunch the next day, but when I was done eating, the bowl was empty. Oooops!

Biscuits from Homesick Texan

Finally, Lisa's biscuits. Ah. Back when I did my first DwB featuring a recipe form Lisa's site (cornbread) I hinted that she may just needed to get up a recipe for biscuits. Two weeks later, my prayers had been answered, and she had put up a post. Fast, that girl. Biscuits are not common around here, so it's not like I knew what i was missing, but for some reason, I knew they were bound to be something I'd like. They were. Buttery and soft, slightly sweet - and great for getting out any anger you may have lingering in you, as you have to beat the c*** out of the dough - the more you beat, the better! I made them on a night we were having soup for dinner and I had no bread in the house and even though that may not be what God intended them for, they served that purpose beautifully. I wouldn't mind trying them in a homemade version of an extraordinarly good egg-bacon-and-cheese biscuit I had on a recent visit to The Buttery in Boston's South End either. Oh my. I think I may have to invite over some friends to have an excuse recreate these, and I know these biscuits will fit perfectly...

South End Buttery Egg Biscuit. Ah-mazing.


Jeanne said…
What a great feature... and I'm definitely going to make those date muffins!
Jeanne said…
Umm... that should read APPLE muffins - clearly I have dates on the brain ;-)
Zarah Maria said…
Jeanne - not the worst thing to have on the brain. And the muffins are definitely not the worst thing to have in your tummy! :)

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