Wish I Was Here...

But reality is, I haven't cooked a single thing this weekend. Not one. Work, you see.

The closest I got was poaching an egg for eating with my leftovers from Thursday night. I didn't think I knew how to poach an egg, but apparantly, I did. It was perfect - whites solid, yolk runny and lovely. Mmm. Imagine what you can learn from reading food blogs.

Hope you had a nice weekend!


Jeanne said…
Oh dear - what a pain when work intrudes on blogging activities :(

I didn't really cook this weekend either - out on Friday, out Sat lunch and dinner, as well as Sunday brunch (kitchen off limits anyway due to messy boiler installation)... so the only thing I actually made was a tuna toastie! That's when my endless files of draft posts come in handy ;-)
Anonymous said…
All the same, I'm seriously impressed with your blogging frequency lately!

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