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We want YOU! - to participate in this mean chain-like blogging event that's going on - that's right, it's coming to get ya, it's coming to get ya! Be afraid, very afraid... Somehow, I got stuck with it too, thanks to the ever so lovely OsloFoodie - just because she's got a soft spot for me! Aww, that's so sweet! (grr, grr!;-)) There seriously are some very well-written and educational- in-the-world-of-music-posts out there!

Alright: Confession time: I was sorta hoping it'd be passed my way some time - you know, noone likes being picked last! I've loved reading everyone else's (even though half the time I have NO IDEA what the music they're talking about is!) It's actually kind of refreshing to get to know something about all of ye food bloggers out there that hasn't got anything to do with food...

I'm pretty easy with regards to music, my Dad is an opera fanatic and used to take me all the time when I was a little girl (In fact he's taking me to Bayreuth to see Wagner this summer - pretty neat, eih?) and I therefore range from opera over pop to - okay, not all the way to death metal, but I'll live with it if I have to! That said, I like my pop music as much as the next pony-tailed, lollipop-licking, pink t-shirted girlie-girl!

I'm a huge fan of almost anything Danish and try to support the national music scene as much as I can, mostly by buying CD's, and by NOT downloading. Concerts are not really something that eats up my pay cheque, and no, I've never been to a Roskilde Festival. But I love music. I am seldom at home without the stereo playing, be it a CD, minidisc or radio, and I love the way music can make your day brighter, comfort you when it's grey and dull outside - how you can mix and match music to suit your mood.

Anyway, here goes:

What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
Hang on, have to check.... GAH! 874 MB! Why Sweet Mother of....! No wonder my computer's so slow! I don't have an mp3 player, but I gave my boyfriend one for Christmas and of course want one for myself now! (Umm - just realized this is nowhere near much music - still...)

The CD you last bought?
Easy. Danish artist called Juncker, album called "Snork City" - I had to buy it, 'cause it had a song on it that I had to listen to before I went to my exam (Yeah, I do get superstitious about these things...)

What was the song you last listened to before reading this message?
Ahem... "Anywhere I roam" by Metallica - Not something I'd usually listen to, but Boyfriend was DJ'ing and as he lives here to, he gets to decide every now and again :-) I'm such a nice person!

Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

It changes a lot! There's always a current favorite that I can listen to over and over again (often coincides with my exams, I go just a teeny bit obsessive around that period) - this time around it was "Sotto Voce" by beforementioned Juncker. The lyrics are somehow very touching, but they fail miserably when translated, if you know what I mean! Try this, if your Danish is good :-) - they have samples of the music too!

Anything by Jamiroquai, especially "You give me something", but also "Falling", "Corner of the Earth" and "King for a Day" - Hubby and I can always agree on listening to Jamiroquai, if on nothing else!

"The Boy is Mine", a duet, sung by Monica and Brandy - from the days when J, my best friend now living in Florida, and I was out every weekend (and then some!) - we were young (still are, I have to add for good measure!) and the world lay at our feet (And umm - it still does?!)

"Rock your Body" - don't you DARE laugh! Justin Timberlake, yes indeed! My old study buddy and I used to put it on HIGH and dance in the living room when everything just got to be too much and we needed to think about something other than studying! It works, try it! (And anything that Pharell puts his fingers in is gold in my opinion)

"LA is my lady" - good old Blue Eyes. I don't know - well, yes, I guess I do know. It's exactly as grand as you could wish for a tune - I love the last part where he goes: "and that's why - LA is my Lady - LA is my Lady - and you're looking at a man that - doesn't ever plan to - kiss his lady - bye bye" - I mean, I wanna be LA and Frankie to be my man!

Zero 7 - and Tue West - and Marvin Gaye - and Westlife - Aretha Franklin - and Eric Gadd - Röyksopp - uh, and Maroon 5 - Ouh, five is way to little!

Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?

Cathy of My Little Kitchen - because I love her blog, because she lets me co-host dining with the Bloggers with her, and because I'd really like to know a lot more about her, so why not start with the music part?

Niki at Esurientes - The Comfort Zone - She's so far away, yet she seems so close! She sings in a choir, so I'm sure she's got some interesting music there...

Julie, at her new-born blog A Finger in Every Pie - because Julie's my friend, whom I met at Nigella's Kitchen (along with a bunch of other fantastic people!) She introduced me to the world of food blogs and hence, got me thinking I might be able to do one myself. I haven't (yet) met her in real life, but hope the day will come soon, complete with cake and Meyer lemons in NY...

So time will show if I'll be covered in rotting tomatoes, or if they, like me, will consider it a weird sign of affection to be given this torch...


Anonymous said…
it's sinatra's world--we just live in it :-) 

Posted by santos
Anonymous said…
It's fun really to see other foodies' music choices. I listen quite a bit to Zero 7, Røykesopp of course and Maroon 5 like you. Hah, something in common. Metallica, whoaaaa. Thanks for playing!!! 

Posted by OsloFoodie

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