Dining with the Bloggers - February 9th.

It's dinner-time! Or rather, it's baking time this time around, as Cathy's done a couple of rolls and a toaster oat bread, and I tried my hand at TinyFork's Bialys. I had no idea what Bialys was - I'm not even sure I do now I've made them, but they looked so pretty in Fae's post from way back in December, that when Cathy and I decided on the baking theme, I knew I had to go back and find it. As far as I've found out, it's somewhat like a bagel, but you don't boil them before you bake them, and they don't have the hole in them. Please enlighten me, anyone who can..?

I laugh often and a lot at TinyForks posts, and she does a load of nice, comforting stuff - don't say pancake one time to many, 'cause I'm sure Fae would just whip you up a batch in no time! She's got a recipe for waffles up at the moment that I'm dying to try - I just recently got a waffle maker - mine's the horrid modern kind, and not nearly as good-looking as Fae's, but it still really needs to be properly welcomed into our home.

The Bialys are made after a recipe taken from Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Bread - I like the fact that it states methods for both hand-, mixer- and processor kneading. I had my trusty sidekick, KitchenAid, helping me out, and it was a easy-peasy! Used a little less flour than stated (although I know a bagel-dough is supposed to be dry, I just couldn't fit anymore in there without the dough cracking) and fresh yeast, as that is what we, contrary to almost anywhere else? - come by the easiest here in Denmark. Left it to rise, went for, what ended up being a 2 hour long walk with Boyfriend. So as you can calculate, it rose for double the time it should've first time around, but it hadn't gone and deflated on me when I got back, so I just punched it down and gave it it's second rise, a little shorter than stipulated. Made 18 balls (why will my dough never yield the amount stated?!!), flattened them, left them to rise, made the hole that's not a hole, but more of a dent in them, another rise - in the oven for 20 minutes - apartment full of the scent of fresh bread baking, mmmhh... Like Fae, I opted out of the onion-poppy seed topping, because I wanted to be able to use them for both sweet and savory filling.

And they're good! I might add a tad more salt next time, but they've got a nice taste and are indeed chewy - in a good way!

Now I just gotta go find me some marshmallows and some hot cocoa...


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