Dining with the Bloggers, February 2nd

Over at My Little Kitchen, Cathy keeps coming up with wonderful ideas and projects to do. Recently, she started doing "Dining with the Bloggers", a weekly event in which she tries out a recipe from a fellow blogger - it can be any recipes that's tickled her fancy, and you know what? There are so many fantastic recipes out there, being posted every day by all you guys, and just not enough time to try them all out!

So I had been thinking to myself: Zarah, you know what? You're REALLY bad at actually trying new stuff. I mean, you might read about them, you might even comment and say, hey, that looks awesome - you might even read the recipe... But you seldom bookmark it. And you almost never, ever actually cook what's in the post. Maybe, if you have the recipe in a book you own yourself, but still... That's just not good enough. Zarah - GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!

What was I to do? There was only one thing I could do - I resolutely went to my g-mail account, and wrote Cathy a big, puppy-eyed e-mail, asking her if I could please, please join her in her Dining with the Bloggers project. And you know what? She said I could! YAY!!!

I therefore present to you, as invented by Cathy of My Little Kitchen: Dining with the Bloggers at Cathy's and Zarah's. Cathy's been kind enough to give you an eloquently written introduction to what's going to happen, so I'll just point you there, and get on with what's important: this weeks tried and tested recipe.

It's winter here, and Baby it's cold outside. Not as cold as it could have been, but cold enough to justify soup. Having just recently crawled my way through the tons and tons of IMBB # 11 entries, my mind kept wandering back to the, as seen through my eyes, Happy Soup The Domestic Goddess presented us with. And what could be more appropriate than to try that - who doesn't like a little sunshine?

And the soup, ah, the soup. Liquid Falafel, as it was named by Jennifer's newly acquired husband S - and boy oh boy, it sure is! It takes literally seconds to make - I took the liberty of being lazy enough to let my food processor do the chopping and grating, then it's just sautéeing, blending, adding - VOILA! Couldn't be easier, and with this outcome, I'd say we have a definite winner! I'd usually have thought something having this much chickpeas in it might be bland, but no. A nice blend of spices (I'm a big fan of cumin!), creaminess from the chickpeas and adding tartness with a dollop of yoghurt. The soup is a bit chunky, and I think I might try blending half the next time, as I like my soup smooth as velvet, just because that's what I'm used to - but I'm pretty sure this'll become a cupboard-standby... Just looking at it makes you - well, smile!:-)

Take a look at what Cathy's been up to this week too...


Anonymous said…
Oh, this is so definitely on my "to try" list. Glad to hear you really like it as well! And, like you, I need to make myself try more of all of these awesome recipes...I really appreciate you and Cathy posting about what you've tried. 

Posted by Alice

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