New lay-out! That's why I haven't been posting so much lately, I've spend hours and hours trying to make this one - do you realize just how much time one can spend doing this?!?! I know Ana must - and Jennifer - there's a lot of people jazzing up their blogs at the moment and I'm sooo tagging along! Maybe I have too much time, hmmm...

Anyways, it's not quiet done yet, there are still some smaller tweaks, but I've gotten to the point where I need some feed-back - so hit me, hit me hard!;-) And oh yea, are there are any PhotoShop wizards out there that have ANY idea how I might get the banner picture to look like this:

- all gauzy?. This I've done using some CSS-magic, but I can't seem to put it into my template without messing it up! I'll send you weird Danish candy for the answer! (Oh, and if you do know, holla at me at my e-mail - this is a food-blog afterall, not a CSS-nerdy blog?8-))

The original looks like this:

just in case you was wondering...


Anonymous said…
Hi Zarah, your new site design is lovely! Although I'm not at home now to check, I was thinking you might be able to get the gauzy effect in photoshop by creating a new top layer and making it only partially transparent. Does that make sense? But maybe someone else has a better idea - there's probably several different ways to get a similar effect. Anyhow, great work!!!
Brian W said…
The picture that you posted doesn't show up at all in Safari on a Mac, but the Queen of Gauzy Photoshop Techniques is definitely the Dooce Effect. You might want to check that out as a starting point.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm, yes I don't see any of your new layout in Safari, but it works fine in Firefox. Weird...
Zarah Maria said…
Ugh. I guess it wasn't supposed to be that easy, huh?

Melissa - re. the photoshop tip, that's what I tried, I just don't think I'm really down with the twists and turns of PhotoShop 'cause it never showed like I wanted it to... Ah well, I'll keep trying - if I can get the other thing to work... Grrrr...

Brian - thanks for the tip on Dooce - I checked it out and it is exactly that kind of step by step instruction I've needed all day! And I need to ask you too - is it ONLY the gauzy picture that doesn't show, or is the entire blog weird to look at?

And last, but not least, the ignorants (that would be me)'s question: is Safari a browser or an RSS feed thingy?? See, they really shouldn't let people that don't know enough about html mess with it... Silly Zarah!

But thanks for the info! I need it, just keep it coming!
Cathy said…
Zarah - it looks great! I'm afraid I can't help with the gauzy effect you're looking for, though I'll be interested to hear how it's done.
Ana said…
Zarah Maria, it looks really nice. Unfortunately I cannot help you with the Photoshop thing. I use Corel Photopaint! Hope someone will be able to help you.
Michèle said…
Hi Zarah,
nice changes! There is an opacity option on Photoshop that should do it for you. Its on the LAYERS tab, top right hand corner. You just drag the percentage down until it is at the right level for you.. Feel free to email me if you want me to clarify that! :)
eat stuff said…
for photoshop 6
open image
new adjustment layer

then chooses a colour perhaps violet looks good, opacity then enter
take brightness up and contrast down

done :)
it looks very similar (I did an alt prtscreen)
hth :)

Love your new look! It makes it feel like a whole new experience huh?
Zarah Maria said…
Cathy - oh yes you could!;-) Thank you thank you thank you - as you can see, it's up now!

Ana - thank you! I like your new look too!:-)

Hi Michele! Thanks for the hints - I found out my photo manipulating program is actually NOT PhotoShop, but something called PhotoPlus - silly Zarah! Nevertheless, with the hints that everyone has provided, I somehow managed to get it to work! YAY! I wouldn't be able to do it again to another photo though, LOL!

Clare - thank you and shout-outs to you too - and thanks for talking the time to try it out! As I said just before, I don't even have PhotoShop, but the instructions helped a lot anyways - they probably don't set them up too differently, those programs! And I know just what you're saying with the all new experience - everytime I go to my site and that light yellow background pops up I'm all like - wazzup?! that's not my... oh wait, it is!;-)
eat stuff said…

I might have to say it looks rather stunning. :)

I am so glad it helped. I am trying to learn my way around the program, so it is all a good learning experience.

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