No Summer Without Watermelon

Salad of Watermelon, Feta and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

If you haven't tried this one yet, you really should - I know, the combination sounds a little odd, but it really, truly works - I promise! My - well, recipe would be a very fancy word for what is really just a set of instructions! - comes from Peter Gordon, of the Sugar Club (and sweet chili sauce!) fame. He says it's roots are Israelic - whether or not, it's a nice summery salad. And then it's easy to do, too!

Get the best watermelon you can lay your hands on, preferably seedless. Cut it into chunks and peel. Arrange on a large plate. Crumble a good, salty feta on top (Mr. Gordon says sheep's, but if you prefer cow, I wouldn't judge you by it). Toast a handful of pumpkin seeds, sprinkle those on top, and drizzle with a extra virgin olive oil and a grind or 7 of black pepper. Eat. Preferably out on the porch - in the sun somewhere, at least!

Nigella has a version in which she puts feta, olives, lime juice softened red onion, mint and parsley with the watermelon. And what could possibly be bad about that combo?!


eat stuff said…
This looks so good! I have become a pumpkin seed fan of late and I can see how their earthy nuttiness would go brilliantly with the salty feta and sweet juicy watermelon.... I only wish it were summer here
Stephanie said…
I'm almost afraid to admit this in a public forum...ehem. My name is Stephanie, and I don't like watermelon.

There. I said it.

I grew up eating watermelon all summer long, but over the last five or six years, I've realized I don't actually care for it. It just doesn't have enough flavor for me, I suppose.
Niki said…
It can be so easy to get bland tasting watermelon, but when you get one in midsummer, full of sweetness it's a revelation.
I love that Nigella watermelon and fetta salad. It's the perfect thing to have on Christmas day for us, in the summer heat. After a traditional rost lunch and plum pudding, all I crave in the evening is fresh seafood and that salad.
Zarah Maria said…
Clare - summer will be right there, I know (but you can't have mine - yet - I like it too much ;-))

Stephanie - wait, make that STEPHANIE!! I can't believe it! But you know, I agree with Niki, if they're not at their absolute peak, I wouldn't go there either. Yuk, those lint-like ones that are all fluffy! But you know what? Rather spend your time eating something you like than something you don't really care for, so good for you on coming forward! Speaking of childhood and watermelon, my Mom has the greatest pictures of me eating watermelon when I'm two or three years old... hmmm, should've used those for the meme!

Niki - sounds like a nice Christmas to me!
Anonymous said…
Picture! Picture! I'm sure it was a cutie little girl eating a watermelon! Share! Share! :-)

This is another winner from you, Zarah! I do remember eating a similar salad in a kibbutz, not sure if they were pumpkin seeds or some nuts.
Anonymous said…
hi Zarah, I must have missed this post. this looks fantastic - an Israeli friend first introduced me to this combination of watermelon and feta several years ago and I've been hooked ever since. I have a couple of different recipes for watermelon, feta and herb salads that I've been meaning to try, but this is the only one I've seen with pumpkin seeds. Yum!
Lex Culinaria said…
Wowe. That's an amazing combination of foods! I never would have thought of putting watwermelon and feta together, but now that I thin about it, it sounds delicious!
Anonymous said…
Oh My God! That sounds perfect. It makes perfect sense. I can't wait to put it together myself and try it, but I can taste everything in my mind already.

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