I'm full, said the fridge

And indeed it was. My boyfriend, the ex-restaurateur/chef did a bit of catering this weekend, and our poor fridge was just about to burst! As you can probably tell it's not the biggest fridge in the world. Oh how I dream of the days when I'll own that 2-door HUGE specimen with walk-in freezer et all!

Besides from getting to help him with the preparations (washing salad and herbs, preparing risotto, making bread dough ya-da ya-da) I benefited a bit from the ordeal as well - a new wheat sour dough has been brought to life! Okay, it is yeast-based, so not authentic sour dough - but I've tried the natural air-borne yeast method a couple of times and have come to the conclusion that I'll kill it in a matter of no time because I never get to use it enough. Ah well. On to sour dough adventures!


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