I've been forced to do this. My newly found friend and fellow blogger, Oslofoodie, has been going on about these, flødeboller from Summerbird, driving me to a level of must-have-now that I've been trying to resist for the last couple of days. But then today, I passed Amokka, a coffee-shop and what did I see through the window? There it was, a tall, dark-chocolate smothered creature, revealing no secrets, but I knew, oh I knew what it was hiding under that chocolate layer - a feathery light, sugary and slightly sticky, gooey heart and a base of marzipan. You shall be mine, I thought - or well, maybe 6 of you shall be mine is more like what I thought...

This is him - her - well, you get it. As it happened, just a couple of weeks ago, I was clearing out some of all my food magazines and stumbled across a recipe for these. Now, I've never actually tried making them, so I give no guarantee for the recipe - I know the instructions are not very thorough, but it's what I have:


½ dl. water
150 g. sugar
75 g. glucose
½ vanilla pod
100 g. pasteurized egg whites
1 tabelspoon sugar
200 g. Summerbird marzipan (or any other nice brand)
400 g. really good dark chocolate

Boil water, sugar, glucose and vanilla (split the pod and scrape out the seeds) without a lid until you reach a temperature of 117 degrees celcius. It'll take about 25 minutes. Whisk the egg whites with 1 tablespoon sugar until almost stiff. While still beating, slowly pour the sugar-glucose-mixture into the egg whites. Keep whisking for 8 minutes. Cut the marzipan for the base, about 5 cm. in diameter, 3 mm. thick. Using a piping bag, pipe the egg white-sugar mix onto the base. Let rest for at least 6 hours at room temperature.
Put the flødeboller on a rack and cover with melted chocolate. Let cool.

They're a very Danish thing, these. Come to think of it, it is kind of weird eating egg whites with sugar. But they are oh-so-good!


OsloFoodie said…
Haha, welcome to the world of blogging, Zarah! Thanks for the recipe. To tell you the truth, our fridge is also as full and we're not even doing any catering!
Zarah Maria said…
Must admit, the top shelf had nothing to do with the catering.. Well, the top shelf and half of the other stuff!!

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