Dining with Three Bloggers - February 14th., 2007

Even though I tried to NOT have it this Valentine-y way, it seems there is no way around it - these three all have love, love, love written all over them - so feel free to make any of these as a treat for your loved one - they come with my warmest recommendations!

Anything more sexy than a fig? Okay, maybe a couple of things springs to mind, but when in the world of fruits, I think we have a winner. Wanna do something good to it, head to Melissa's Traveler's Lunchbox and grab yourself a piece of Fig and Goat's Cheese Clafoutis. Sounds like an odd combination to you? Bannish the thought, 'casue people - it works. The "cake" is slightly squidgy and wet, with a pronounced, but never overwhelming, savory taste from the cheese and a sweetness from vanilla and figs. Good. I like how it's sweet, but not too sweet, yet not a cheese course either. And it's good on the second day, too. If there's any left, that is.

Traveler's Lunchbox was previously featured with a lovely recipe for Chai.

You want cupcakes? You got cupcakes! These are from, you guessed it, the Queen of Cupcakes, Cheryl at Cupcake Bakeshop. Peanutbutter Filled Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache. Chocolate is an afrodisiac, you say? Well, pair it with peanutbutter that, in this filling, reminds me of marzipan, tastewise (take care you don't go too easy on the milk when making it, 'cause you might end up with a more liquid version than you wanted - yes, speaking from experience) and add a thick chocolate ganache and you have what I, in the spirit of the season, wouldn't mind calling a Chocolate Orgasm. Ahem. Goes especially well after a Mexican dinner. Wait, no - goes especially well with just about anything!

Cupcake Bakeshop was previously featured with Red Velvet Cupcakes - oh, what color!

And now, for the sweetest story you ever heard - a man making his girlfriend lunch. Not just lunch, but a brown bag-able lunch. Can we hear you all go: aaaaaaaaaaaaww! And yes, that's right - there I go again, another recipe from Orangette. There are two things that make it borderline ridiculous for me to write about this thing here. One: it is from Orangette, and I have done tons, tons and one more TON of Molly's recipes, so much so that really, I oughta think about renaming Food & Thoughts "Orangette Wannabe";-). Anyways - the other reason? It's barely a recipe - it's more of an assembly instruction. The name just about says it all - Chickpeas with Parmesan. But oh, what an assembly. This is, as Molly said it herself, really one of those cases where the sum is so, so much more than it's parts - "like 200% more". Quick to put together, and scraping-the-bottom-of-the-tupperware-container-good. It's fast become a standard lunch item to bring to school in this household. Just make it. Or have your chosen one make it for you, or make it for your chosen one - 'cause it's all about the love, Baby.

Orangette has previously been featured with Shortbread Waffles, Alsatian Onion Tart and Bouchons au Thon.
Happy Valentine's Day!


Molly said…
You are so sweet, Zarah Maria! I'm so glad that the chickpeas didn't disappoint. I've got a reputation to maintain over here!

Happy Valentine's Day. xo
Pille said…
1) I bookmarked Melissa's fig tart recipe as well - it looks luscious! The problem is, I cannot find nice figs here:(
2) Cupcakes are cute! (PS Hvor kan jeg finde disse papirformer???)
3) I'll be so making Molly's salad for packed lunch tomorrow morning - thanks for reminding me!
Anonymous said…
I thought I recognized that sexy fig thing! I'm so glad you liked it - and what an honor to have my second appearance on Food and Thoughts! :)

p.s. I really have to try Molly's chickpeas too!
Anonymous said…
Oh that takes the cake! After seeing that fig concoction I immediately ran out to buy the two ingredients I was missing. Goat's cheese is in abundance everywhere, but there wasn't a fig to be found from Amager to Østerbro. Hrumff. Was about to use burnt figs, but I think it's wiser to wait for the fresh macoy.

Luckily, I had all the makings of a Far Breton, and I've just enjoyed my third slice this evening :-)
Anonymous said…
What tasty offerings! That fig tart is amazing but no fresh figs here so I'll just have to dream...sigh...Those cupcakes look delicious and I'll definitely be trying those chickpeas...heading over to Molly's blog right now! Thanks for sharing these finds! :)
Anonymous said…
The fig tart looks amazing! Your photography has really improved--not that it was bad in the first place!--over the last year, too.
Zarah Maria said…
Hi Molly! The chickpeas are returning, again and again, to my lunch - in fact I just thought about them again yesterday, when I realized I hadn't been able to bring lunch to school for a week - ack! Thanks (again!) for the recipe!

Hi Pille! 1) Figs will come, figs will come! 2) Cupcakes are adorable! And I'm afraid the papercups are brought home from USA - the girls I served them for were all over them, too, so I'm starting to think I should start importing them! 3) How was it?? (and you're welcome!)

Hi Melissa! An honor well deserved, I may add! And go ahead with the chickpeas, sooooo good!

Hi Jennie! Yes, wait for the fresh ones - don't think this will be quite the same with burnt ones (but oooh, burnt figs, slightly warmed, with vanilla ice cream, YUM!) I was actually doing the "from Østerbro to Amager" this past week, looking for frisée salad - NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! Argh! I hate it when that happens! I see the Far Breton in my near future...:-)

Hi Joey! You're welcome, always happy to share some gems! I'm starting to think one has to be able to make that clafoutis with something other than figs... Something dryish, but... Hmm. Suggestions welcome!

Hi Angela! Thank you! I agree, my photography has improved immensely - like I learned there was something called macro-mode, turning off the flash etc.! Still spacious room for improvement, but I'm learning every time I shoot, and it's always nice to have a little project going on!:-)

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