Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Dining with the Bloggers - March 30th.

So I know the theme this Wednesday was Tarts & Pies - sweet and savory. And I had everything all planned out, I had found the tart I wanted to do (seeing Cathy had, on proposing the theme, called dibs on Barrett's Mexican Black Bean Tart) My tart of choice was the fabulous Alsatian Onion Tart from the equally fabulous Molly at Orangette. I love Molly's writing (so poetic and image-conjuring!), and almost each and everyone of her recipes send me drooling.

Which was exactly what happened this time. My attention got diverted away from the tart, and on to this: Shortbread Waffles. I mean, come on! You know I'm on a waffle frenzy, that iron has to be put to good use - and this was sugar, butter, sugar, flour, sugar, eggs (almost quoting Barrett there!) - and a generous drizzle of syrup on top.

They were terrific. They have that snap and a little bit of crunch, just like - well, shortbread! They're sweeeeet, no doubt, but they truly work. Molly's suggestion of using them for dessert is not bad, as the girls to whom they were served - after a generous brunch, I might add - couldn't stomach more than one each. My yield was 8, but that was okay, 'cause as Molly (Or Jimmy, who's recipe I suppose this rightfully is) says, you can always toast the leftovers and revive them. Indeed so. And with a large cup of hot cocoa on the side, lots of whipped cream on top - it just ain't half bad...

So I forgot the tart. I will be trying it tomorrow, hopefully. What was up with the Easter biting of a day of my week so I completely forgot until this morning that today was Dining-with-the-bloggers-day?! Be on the look-out for my update on that. Meanwhile, if you can't wait to hear about it other than from Molly herself, I know others have had the pleasure too...

Cathy had the pleasure of the Mexican Black Bean Tart - go, go, see for yourselves!


Molly said...

I'm blushing, Zarah Maria! I love hearing your take on the waffles (can I come over for leftovers?), and I hope the tart is equally successful... said...

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