A Year of Brownies

I miss it here. And you know? There's only one way of changing that. Getting back to it. This morning, while putting together a brownie for coffee guests coming over later, it hit me: I need a project. No better time for starting one than when the year has just turned.

I think I have a pretty good recipe for brownies. At least I have one I always make -  I've made others, but have somehow always returned to this one. But is it really the best? I like squidgy and gooey more than cakey brownies. I like plain, unadorned brownies - no nuts, berries, add-ons - just chocolate, please. But perhaps I'm in the wrong? Thing is, I don't know. I need to find out.

So prepare for a 2016 with a Baker's Dozen of Brownies - one for each month. My list is as follows:

January: My go-to - Little Red Barn Baking Book's Brownies
February: Claus Meyer's Brownies (from Meyers Bageri)
March: Nigella Lawson's Birthday Brownies (from How to be a Domestic Goddess)
April: Smitten Kitchen's Favorite Brownies
May: Jim Dodge's Cakey Brownies (from The Essence of Chocolate)
June: Foodbeam's Brownie-like Cookies and ice cream sandwiches
July: David Lebovitz's Helene's Brownies
August: Lisa Yockelson's Chocolate, pure and straight, Brownies (from Chocolate, Chocolate)
September: Anne au Chocolat's Brownies with white chocolate chips
October: Thomas Keller's Brownies (via Pretty. Simple. Sweet.)
November: Markus Grigo's Brownies (from Grigos Hjemmebag)
December: Orangette's Brownies
The 13.th: a surprise, to be found while the experiment is going on ;)

Mikkel Friis-Holm's Brownies
Blondies from Deb
Brownies with frosting!
Skillet Brownies from Martha Stewart
Browniest Cookies - also from Deb (I could have done 12 brownie recipesfrom her site alone, I think! ;))
Brownies with cookiedough
Brownies with four chocolates

Research (may be extended)
Bon Appetit on Brownies


Jennie said…
Best 2016 project I've seen so far :-D
Titti said…
Looks like an amazing project!

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