SHF#22: Can You Can? Rhubarb Cordial

Way back when I used to do a regularly scheduled blog, I ALWAYS took part in this brainchild of Jennifer, The Domestic Goddess - The Sugar High Fridays. Then stuff happened, I didn't blog much for a while and well, no SHF for me. Now I am blogging somewhat regularly - so what better way to celebrate that I've been doing more than one post in the past three weeks than to take part in Nicky & Oliver of Delicious Days' version of SHF: Can You Can?

And in fact, yes, I can can, (I can even do the cancan, but that's a whole other thing!) so this time, I chose to bottle instead. Hey, Nicky and Oliver said it was okay - at least that's how I interpreted the rules (there's a "bottle" in there somewhere, isn't there?)

Hence, I give to you: homemade rhubarb cordial. During the warm (wait, make that darn hot, as they have been here this year!) months, I drink a lot of water, as I'm told to do. I like flavoring it with cordial, and usually go for elderflower or the classic Ribena. I've never tried doing cordial myself because faced with the demand of buying sieving-contraptions and a lot of boiling when it's already hot outside, my head starts spinning. But this one was easy. No hoity-toity equipment needed, just a brief boil, a bit of sieving and a drain through some cloth, and you've got a nice, big bottle of homemade good stuff.

Rhubarb Cordial - from Camilla Plum
makes about 1,5 liters

1 kg. rhubarb, cleansed and cut into chunks
600 g. sugar (I'll try cutting it down slightly the next time - this one was very sweet)
1 l. water

Bring everything to a boil in a non-reactive pot. Leave to simmer for 10 minutes, then turn of the heat and leave to infuse for an hour. Sieve. Drain again through a cloth, to make a nice, non-cloudy cordial. You can use the leftover rhubarb in a rhubarb trifli for instance - the compote is a little more liquid than what I usually make, but I hate wasting things, so used it will be!

Pour into CLEAN jars - keeps for up to two weeks (mine has so far anyways) in the fridge.

When I want to drink it, I usually thin it 1:4 cordial to water, but if you like it stronger or weaker, be my guest. You could use sparkling water for thinning. I also like to spritz a little lime in it - it is a very sweet adventure, this, and the lime gives it a little oomph.

What did you can? Or did you just cancan?:-)


Anonymous said…
What a beautiful colour it is. I'd like to try a couple of jams, chutneys and sauces that feature at the back of Nigells's HTBADG. Tha cordial looks delish.

Oh and welcome back, missed ya.
Anonymous said…
ohh that looks and sounds so yummy and slightly "exotic" as well.
Alanna Kellogg said…
No cancan but I can can: green pepper jelly. I like the idea of the homemade cordial. Gorgeous color!
Anonymous said…
You can most definitely can and you can very well! What a wonderful idea to try the cordial. It looks delicious and you know what ... we have the same glasses!
Anonymous said…
wonderful color! and it's rhubarb, I would not have thought that one. I like it.
Jen said…
awesome, I never would have thought of making a cordial, this is very creative. Well done!
Anonymous said…
That looks so swishy! :) A cordial...I have yet to even try one...I'd love to make it, thanks for this post :)
Zarah Maria said…
Hi Caroline! I'm with you on Nigella's stuff - hey maybe we should do a project?:-)

Helen - rhubarb is a little exotic, isn't it? I mean, I know it's not per se, but it's so seldom around I'd count it as such!

Hi Alanna! Saw that one - am not big on green peppers, but your jelly looks awesome!:-)

Hi Ivonne! I have those glasses in all shapes and sizes - they're so versatile!

Hi Tanna! I love the color, too - so happy and Barbie-ish!

Hi Jen! Thank you. It was more a matter of what to do with that bunch of rhubarbs I bought when I couldn't get strawberries for the strawberry-rhubarb jam I was planning, than actual smart thinking on my part. But heck, who cares when this is the result!;-)

Hi Joey! Wee, swishy! Fantastic word, and you're right, that's just what it looks!:-D
Pille said…
(Better late than never!) The colour of that cordial is amazing, Zarah!
Hi, thanks for the look at your blog, it's great. You have a lot of interesting things that I just might have to try one day...and maybe post one of my best recipes...Looks great in here :-)
Anonymous said…
try putting it in ice cube trays, freezubgm and then put the cubes in a container and put back in freezer. When you pour your water, throw in an ice nice!!! And it lasts for a long time this way.

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