Friday, May 27, 2005

A one-person Tart - ahem, no, not THAT kind of tart!

Just an EDIBLE tart for one person with cherry tomatoes, buffalo milk mozarella and basil. This would fit Dreska's Italian theme so well!

The pie crust was made from a left-over piece of short crust pastry I'd stuck in the freezer some time ago, thawed, rolled and baked blind.

Then all there was to it was a bunch of tomatoes at the market, the basil that would wilt within the next couple of days anyways - and hey, didn't I buy some mozarella di buffalo a couple of days ago? An egg yolk, a little cream, salt and pepper whisked together, and poured on top. Another stop by the oven, a green salad on the side - ah yes, a perfect dinner for when summer truly has arrived!


Ana said...

I like this idea of a tart. Don't you just love it when we decide to make something with what's on the fridge, a bit of this, a bit of that, and come up with something trully delicious?

For me those are the moments I feel more accomplished as a cook.

chronicler said...

Oh Zarah this is perfect! Exactly the type of summer faire that is easily prepared and enjoyed.

Cathy said...

Yum Zarah - this sounds great! You make it sound so easy to come up with such inspired ideas!

Karen said...

Hehehe, you're always a funny girl.

Simple and satisfying. This is also my idea of good food. Glad to see summer's coming to your part of the world!

Melissa said...

Hi Zarah Maria! I was in a tart mood myself today. I prepared a tapenade tart dough today, for a tart I'm making tomorrow!
Your tart looks fantastic!

Julie said...

Oh Zarah,

This looks absolutely summery sumptuous. I have neglected the realm of tart-baking lately, whether savory or sweet. Now I have new inspiration!

Linda said...

You just gave me the perfect idea for what to pack on an upcoming picnic. Thanks!

Zarah Maria said...

Hi Ana - I know just what you're saying! I'm actually really bad at working with what's in the fridge - I always seem to be missing just one thing - or two... or everything! So when everything sums up, I do love it!

Chronicler - thank you!

Cathy - I'm trying my best!

Hi Karen! I'm trying to be! Or rather, I'm not trying to be funny, 'cause then it's just not that - fun, you know?!;-) And I'm glad summer's coming around too, I've missed it so much!

Hi Melissa! Your tart looks good and what a nice blog you keep!

Hi Julie - I've been neglecting tarts for the most part of my life (both kinds, hehe!), but now that I've gotten the hang of it, and a gorgeous pastry recipe, I can't understand why I never liked making them before! They're so versatile, so.. the little black dress of the kitchen, right?

Linda - you're welcome! I'm glad I could inspire you, I'm always so happy when that happens to me when I blog-hop!