Monday, May 23, 2005

[DANSK] Æbletrifli my style

I'm in a trifle state of mind these days - this is actually very much like the rhubarb one, and a bastardized version of a TRUE Danish kind. There'd be no yoghurt on that one - no, only whipped cream will do. And, you'd actually use æblerasp (a kind of sweetened bread crumbs) instead of macaroons - but this is my version, remember?

Apple compote - I make mine by stewing apples, cut up in not-too-small pieces, with sugar and a cut-up vanilla pod. This batch I cooked a loooong time ago - just found it in my freezer when I cleaned it the other day, and it was still surprisingly flavorful! The joys of modern kitchen appliance! Crumbled macaroons on top (or æblerasp of course) and fat, drained yoghurt (or whipped cream, as decided by your waistline) on top of that. Sprinkle with a little brown sugar, and you're all ready to go!


Stephanie said...

That is different; I've never seen anything for an apple trifle!

And I really appreciate the Danish names of dishes being used...thanks!

Ana said...

Beautiful and it looks so tasty. I love these types of desserts that you can make on the fly and just for the amount you need. If we have leftovers they usually call me from the fridge, with fattening consequences.

Thanks for this idea Zarah Maria.

Cathy said...

Hi Zarah - oh that looks good! Looks like something that would work really well for company - make the apples ahead, assemble last minute, and voila - a gorgeous dessert!