Tuesday, May 3, 2005

[DANSK] - a definition

My definition.

You might have noticed the small bracket-enclosed word I had on one of my last posts. It is one I hope to use quite a lot in the time coming. It simply means, in case you hadn't figured that out already, Danish.

Here's the deal - I'm not big in Danish foods, although I am Danish. With the help of a couple of fantastic ladies, I've decided to try and tread the path that is Danish food. There's a lot of meat, fat, dairy and well, generally, not stuff that I'm big fan of - maybe apart from the dairy that is. Still, there are things in Danish cuisine I love. For a lot of them, I don't know if they could really be defined as being DANISH - heck, some of them may be very far from it! Traditions and styles of different kitchens are being mixed and matched so much these days, I think it's sometimes hard to deduct where something originally came from.

The point is, I'm not going to be very strict on the subject - what will be important for me here, is that the dishes will have sprung from something that is, by me, considered to be a big thing around my neck of the woods. No no, that won't mean I'll do Spaghetti Bolognese and claim it's Danish, although I think it would be considered a national favorite dish around here! I just want to try and document some of the cooking that's a big part of where I live and what I've eaten when I was a kid, as I grew up, and as I do now.

So that's basically it. I'll try and explain my reasons for including things in the category whenever I do so, but hopefully, I won't have to justify myself each and every time, hence this definition-post. Feel free to comment, ask and poke around, as you always do! :-)

And now, everybody say with me: RØDGRØD MED FLØDE. Rødgrød med fløde. See, that wasn't so hard!? And the recipe to match those weird words will be coming to a blog near you...


Stephanie said...

I'm so excited! I look forward to whatever you make.

Ana said...

Looking forward to your posts Zarah Maria.

What you wrote about Spaghetti Bolognese reminded me of pizza. Apparently it has become a craze in Portugal. So they make it with chorizo and Portuguese cheese instead of peperoni and mozzarella and call it Portuguese. Go figure!