Goodbye Fall! Hello Winter! And Hello Christmas Countdown!

Fall has come and gone, and you know? It's officially winter. I didn't order it, and it doesn't seem to come with a "return"-option. I'm not sure I'd use it if it had one though - I kinda like winter. But you see, summer? Almost didn't happen around here. We had the hottest spring for the last 50 years, but then summer was nothing but a grey and rainy mess. And of course, this summer, I had decided to not work and just kick back and enjoy. Fall? Well, fall is supposed to be all grey and rainy, but still. They could've cut us some slack, now that summer was such a bummer. A girl needs her vitamin D. But winter is welcome - it may be cold, but at least you have an excuse for bulky knit sweaters and hot chocolate with whipped cream!

Today also marks the last day of NaBloPoMo - you know, that thing with the writing ALL the time, every day, no excuse. It's not like I did it - see, that sidebar? Only one (1) - now 2!, with this post - entries to show. I was contemplating joining NaBloPoMo, but you know, life got in the way.

It's not like life got any less in the way, but I really need to get back in the blogging game, and I think I need a little pushing and shoving. And determination. And plain sitting my behind down in front of the computer and start WRITING. So I was thinking: I like countdowns. I like Christmas. I'm looking forward to Christmas. Why not do a Christmas Countdown?

Therefore, every day, until the 24th. ('cause that's the day we celebrate Christmas around here, so you people celebrating on the 25th. will have to make do yourselves), I'll put up something. Some of it may be food-related, some of it more thought-related, there'll be short-short post and long ones. And probably not all of it will make sense. We'll see as we go along. Like Michèle said, there's just no way you can get decent pictures in this darkness, so in the photo-department, you can probably expect a lot of cake and breads (and left-overs). I might even throw in an old photo or two.

But for the next 24 days, there'll be a new post for you, here on Food & Thoughts, every day. All for you, m'dears. And if you feel like joining the madness, please do - there's nothing like being surrounded by people you like around Christmas ;)


santos. said…
ahhhh, hello! and hello! what a lovely present you're giving us. thank you! i hope to have a few up too....
Zarah Maria said…
Santos - what a lovely present I'm hopefully giving you ;-) Hope you stick around!

Kevin - thanks :) Hey - hey - okay, that'll do!!:P
Michèle said…
Zarah, I totally hear what you are saying and you are a brave woman committing to a daily post! I have a wealth of really crappy photos, if only I could figure out how to make nighttime look like daytime I'd be flyin'!
Cathy said…
Hi Zarah! I love that photo as well as your intentions of posting daily! I'm really looking forward to it - good luck keeping up with it!

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