Dining with the Bloggers - November 16th

Short and sweet is this week's Dining with the Bloggers - just as sweet as the featured blog, Bunny Pie. Kept by Debbie from Chicago, boasting pictures that are out of this world - and of course - recipes, of which she has yet to post one I don't want to try. And then she writes great sentences, like "don't fear the sticky dough" and "when you bite into a bittersweet chocolate chunk, it is like a slap on the butt (the sexy kind)" - heh!;-)

Actually, her latest post, on Alsatian Potato Pie was what had me drooling this week, but time is precious these days, and lo and behold, of course there was a recipe to fit my tight schedule (but I actually think the potato pie isn't too time consuming...)

Apple scones. I've become a sucker for scones, and Debbie's are nice, moist, and reminds me of apple pie. Mmm, apple pie. Halved the recipe, worked great, and as I'm the kind of girl that always does as she's told, I had it with a cup of earl grey and - okay, a lot of butter! Lovely!

Is it Christmas that's taking all our time already? Might be, still, Cathy managed to try out a recipe this week too!


Cathy said…
Yum Zarah! They look fantastic - especially with that generous schmear of butter!! I had not come across Debbie's blog before - it's wonderful!
Anonymous said…
Hi Zarah! That scone looks tempting...must try...Only attempted scones once in my life (!) and they didn't turn out so great (ok, they were phooey) so I've been shying away ever since...but the apple-pie-ish-ness of these ones are convincing me :) Thanks for the link!
Anonymous said…
Those look REALLY good!
Cerebrum said…
Hi Cathy! Indeed, Debbie's blog is wonderful - there seriously isn't a thing on it I wouldn't make!

Hi Joey! I never made that many scones before either, but then I tried a couple of different ones for DwB, and once you get the hang of it, you can't get enough! They're perfect for when you feel like cake, but don't really have the time for making it! And the savory ones make for a light lunch for school...

LisaSD - Thank you!

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