Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On The Nineteenth Day of Christmas: How to get rid of those Christmas-shopping sore feet.

By buying marzipan and nougat. Bo Bojesen is a chocolatier (and a chef, and all sorts of other food related stuff) and he has collected the best Marcona almonds he could find, made it into marzipan, then found some awesome hazelnuts from Turkey and turned that into soft, sweet nougat. And now, he sells it. For like, people money. If you are anywhere near these boxes, you owe it to yourself to buy these. You're worth it, you know. And after eating a couple slices of each, sandwiched together, it's like your feet aren't that sore anymore...:)

The last of Julestue will be back tomorrow! I'm exhausted, but I think I got all of my Christmas presents today - wo-hoo!

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melissa @ the traveler's lunchbox said...

Zarah, I've had so much fun reading about your Christmas traditions! They all sound so good that next year, I suspect, you're going to have a slight problem with uninvited guests (i.e. me!) turning up in search of glogg and æbleskiver... :)