Tuesday, December 4, 2007

On The Fourth Day of Christmas: A Healthy Addiction.

I have very few bad habits. Yes, I'm messy. I spend way too much time on the computer. I twirl my hair. I buy too many cookbooks (but not this year!) I leave the dishes for a little longer than they may need. But still. I don't bite my nails. I don't hog the remote control. I don't interrupt people when they speak. I don't burp in public. I apologize if I walk into someone on the street.

But I also have very few good habits. Like that yoga thing I had going on for a while? Not happening so much these days. Other sports? Nah. Not really. Cooking well for myself and Martin? If I'm lucky, yes. Other days, it's bacon and egg sandwiches and potatoes with mayo. Tasty, but not healthy in the veggie, fruit and cholesterol-low way.

I had one good habit. WE had a good habit, I have to say. We used to get up together in the morning and make juice for each other - if I was due in school early, Martin made it, and vice versa if he was the first person out the door. Somehow, that's gone all awry this semester.

For some reason, M doesn't feel it's appropriate to get up with me these days. Why? Well, it may have to do with the fact that I have to get up at 6 am in the morning to catch a train to the middle of the city in far, far away, where I'm currently doing some hospital duty. Yes, 6 am may be piece of cake for some of you out there, but I. LIKE. SLEEPING. As does he. Preferably late. And definitely longer than 6 am. You can probably tell what this is doing to our otherwise nice habit of getting the juicer in gear every morning.

So currently I am in a state of deprivation. Nay, make that in a state of cold turkey. I get no juice in the morning, and I like my freshly squeezed juice. Naturally, a true addict will find a way out. Therefore, I now drink my juice in the afternoon. The pretty colors doesn't make it any less of a relaxing thing to be doing after a hard days work (yeah right. I have a lot of those - pshs!). I guess there's no law saying you can't have juice in the afternoon, but for some reason, it felt weird. So afternoons, and on the weekends it is. Then I can make sure Martin stays healthy too.

This one up here is pear juice, but I'll take anything. Except maybe mango, or pineapple - pineapple makes my tongue numb. Oh, or celery. Don't even ask why I tried it - I guess it's just what happens when you have a juicer and celery hanging around - they will inevitably clash at some point, with bad results. And always remember that no matter what, the jucie will only be as good as the fruit you use.

Classic Combos Chez Zarah & Martin - for you to try, should you chance to run the risk of becoming an addict too. You will need a juicer for most of these, but for us, it has been an investment worth itself.

Apple & Ginger - a small knob of ginger will do! I like Pink Lady apples, but use your favorite crispy apple.
Apple & Pear - 'tis the season. Use hard pears - the soft ones will only produce mush.
Orange & Apple
Orange & Carrot - probably THE favorite in our household
Strawberry & Watermelon
- awesome in the summer time. The strawberries shouldn't be too soft, or you'll get purée instead of juice.
Orange & Strawberry
Grapefruit & Orange
- especially the ruby grapefruits.
Grapes & Apples
Bloodorange & Orange
Apple & Pomegranate - I knock out the seeds and run them through the grate-thingy - this makes for more juice than merely juicing them.

Suggestions are welcome in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Oi! A juicer is just another one of those things on my list of much needed kitchen gadgets. Until then, I suffice by finely grating apple and squeezing the fresh juice into my open mouth.

Hey, do you ever use the leftover pulp for anything? In baking perhaps?

Village Vegan said...

Oooh, juice! They all sound AMAZING. Boy do I wish I had a juicer...

Tania said...

I don't have a juicer -- I didn't think I needed one until I read this post and suddenly envied you! -- but my favourite blend whenever I'm buying fresh juice is carrot-and-apple. Sometimes with a bit of ginger, sometimes not. Delicious! Oh, and healthy, too!

Kevin Kossowan said...

Carrot-orange? Really? Very interesting.

I think I'd try raspberry, since we tend to have an abundance of them...

Pille said...

I've been thinking about a juicer for a while now, as I'd quite like to have a healthy addiction like that. Must speak to my Santa..

Sara said...

I love my juice, although I haven't used it much lately. I like pear and ginger, or nectarine, or tomato celery and lime.

Zarah Maria said...

Jennie - EVERYBODY needs a juicer. And no, unfortunately, I haven't used the pulp for anything. I is lazy - it would speak to my "thrash-less" gene though... Any suggestions?

Village vegan - as I said to Jennie, EVERYBODY needs a juicer ;)

Tania - you too, get one! And carrot-apple? Interesting, will have to try it!

Kevin - yes, carrot-orange. The carrots are sweet-ish, and the oranges fresh - we really like it! And raspberries, well - I have a problem with all the little seeds that are in them, and that you invariably get in the juice as well. And they are kind of hard to get any actual juice out of (at least if they're anything like blackberries, that I tried one time) But maybe blending your freshhly squeezed juice with raspberries? Like lemons and raspberries? Oranges and raspberries - oh!

Pille - I had Martin put it on his wish list for Christmas (he never wants anything but boring socks and the like anyways) and his Dad jumped at the chance. That way, you don't have to waste one of your own wishes, tee-hee!

Sara - Oh yes, nectarine! Mmmm. I think I tried that one, but with a very soft and squishy one, so I never got much juice, more pulp! And tomatoes, of course! When summer returns, I'll have squeaky fresh Virgin Mary's!