Saturday, December 15, 2007

On The Fifteenth Day of Christmas: Oh. So. Busy!

That's what I am. Good thing I had a substantial breakfast - Martin makes a mean omelet, and this one was portobello mushrooms, bacon, cubes of pecorino and a little parsley. Very good.The rest of the day was crazy busy.

Tomorrow, my entire family and a couple of friends to boot, will arrive at our apartment, expecting Christmas Cookies, glögg, æbleskiver and oh, the usual Christmas suspects. So I'm cooking and baking - and have been shopping - up a storm. I'll be back tomorrow with goodies. Christmas is all about waiting...:)

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Village Vegan said...

Mmm, mushrooms. I can't wait to see your christmas cookies!

I've been going crazy baking, too. I made three sorts of cookies yesterday-- just four more to go.