Oh Honey you baked!

I'm off to Berlin! I'll leave you with these little fellas - now be good to them and don't eat them all at one time :-)

Memories of Childhood Chocolate Cake

Cream Cheese-swirled Brownies

Golden Butter Cake

All recipes from the - in my blog - ever-present: Baking by Flavor...


Anonymous said…
Oooh - new comments facility. I like it!
That first picture is making me seriously dribble. That looks spectacular. I need chocolate cake!  

Posted by Niki
Anonymous said…
Mmmm, that looks delicious!!! I'm so hungry at the moment that I could eat them all at once :-)

This weekend I'm going to bake "semlor", do you also eat those in Denmark?


Posted by Dagmar
Anonymous said…
Wow, I like the new comment field, too....It'll be nice to be "remembered" from now on. Those three sweets look divine! I checked out the book link you provided and really love the look of the cupcake on the front cover....oh no, I may need a new baking book soon..... 

Posted by Alice
Anonymous said…
Well, you certainly know how to leave a good impression. *She says, as she drools.* 

Posted by Caroline(creaturecomforts) Jones
Anonymous said…
yummmm.. love baking by flavor. :) love the chocolate cake picture... 

Posted by Emily
Anonymous said…
Oh, Zarah- these look so good, and I'm sure they taste even better. I hope you have a great time in Berlin!


Posted by Moira
Anonymous said…
Mmmmm...all your baking looks sooooo good. I made Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake this weekend, and my whole family went wild. Baking is just so satisfying, both for the baker and the baked-for... 

Posted by Julie
Anonymous said…
Hi Niki - well, I know you got chocolate cake, didn't ya';-)?

Hi Dagmar! Semlor? No, but I'm looking forward to seeing what it is on your blog!

Hi Alice! Yes, I sure hope things are gonna shape up with these new comment things - please, everyone, let me know if something doesn't work with them - I've actually had a problem with the "remember me"-function myself, but I'm not sure if that's just because I'm commenting on my own blog or what. Anyways, let me know! And yes Alice, the book should definetly be on your wish list - it is a fantastic book, and I've been told Lisa's got a new volume comming out (I think this fall) all on CHOCOLATE... Yummy!

Caroline! So good to see you here - and hear from you! Sorry about the drooling - NOT!:-)

Hi Emily - oh yes, we do love BBF!

Moira - they were indeed good! It's a shame that almost every time I bake, it's good, if it wasn't, I probably wouldn't eat that much of it. SIGH! On to the treadmill!

Hi Julie! Ah, Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake - an all-time favorite, fantastic loaf - and I hear your Dad enjoyed it immensely too!

And I just bought 3 (THREE!!) new baking pans in fun shapes and sizes, so look out for more baking heading your way soon! 

Posted by ZarahMaria

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