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I've been so privileged as to have my man cook for me almost every night, since I started reading for my exam - yes, you're right, that's for the last month or so. I miss my kitchen. I SOOO miss my kitchen. Well, and I guess, just life in general! Not that I'm complaining really - I actually, in some twisted, self-destructive way, enjoy my studies - most of the time!;-)

Last night I had to cook dinner myself (YAY!), and I made these wraps with chickpeas, courgettes and rocket - yummy they we're indeed, devoured in front of the books. Just one more week, and there will (hopefully) be plenty of blogging going on... (No comments on the messy desk - I thrive in it, or so I tell myself anyways!)

Btw, I'm going on a mini-holiday to Berlin with a couple of friends the last weekend in January - any suggestions from you all-knowing, all-seeing people out there?


Cathy said…
Hi Zarah - best wishes for your exam!! Your wrap looks really yummy. As for Berlin - never been there, so my only suggestion is - have fun!!!
Niki said…
I notice your textbooks (or 1 of them at least) are in English. Is this common in Danish universities? Bodes well for my desired return to study in Copenhagen! ;-) Or do they teach in Danish and use English textbooks?
For what type of degree are you studying? Medical -to become a practicing doctor or general science? Or something else?
My bf loved Berlin; I think the usual touristy things have to be done - Brandenburg gate, remnants of "the wall", Zoo station etc.etc. I've heard there are some good restaurants there too (I believe there's one for anorexics and bulimics...hmmmmmmm....not sure I'd be tempted.)
LeeLoreya said…
Nice Wraps eh, full of fiber for studying!
In berlin well...Try the Berliner !
Anonymous said…
Hi Zarah,

Well, the pile of books looks hideous, but the sandwich looks fantastic...happy studying and good luck on your exam!

I've never been to Berlin, but I hear it's really interesting. I hope you have a great time.

Anonymous said…
hi, first-time poster here... your blog is lovely. As for when you're in Berlin, should definitely go to Cafe Einstein on Kurfurstenstrasse for wonderful Austrian/German food and incredible cakes, strudels and coffee in an old Berlin mansion. The atmosphere is fantastic. For street food, you must have the Currywurst with Pommes (french fries) at the organic stand at Wittenbergplatz: everyone agrees they're the best in the city. Also, try the Literaturhaus Cafe, on Fasanenstrasse, for a lunch while strolling down the Ku-Damm (which is the main shopping drag in the western part of Berlin). It's a beautiful old house on a lovely street, with an incredible garden and relaxed atmosphere and good food... have a great time! 

Posted by Luisa

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