Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Little Piece of Lunch

Homemade semi-dried tomatoes, chopped up. Applied to toasted sourdough bread, topped with goats cheese. About 5 minutes under the grill (or 10 in a hot-hot oven), finishing touch with a blow torch to give it that nice scorchy look.

Tastes remarkebly well with a bit of leftover pea purée. Mmmmm...


Fanny said...

I sounds and looks good. I love goat cheese.

Fanny said...

Hey Zara Maria i've just seen that you added my blog in your list. I'm so proud. Thanx a lot.

Ana said...

What a tasty lunch. What type of goat cheese have you used? The ones I know do not slice like that!

I'm still looking for a goat cheese I will say I like. The ones I've tasted so far taste like...goat...and I find it a bit off-putting!

However, I'm sure that lunch would go with another kind of cheese!

Stephanie said... simple, yet so yummy!

And we had a late night shopping, so dinner was...whatever we could find. I wished I'd had your toast!

Clare Eats said...

I am hungry for lunch and that is way to tempting! But no bread, no goat cheese no sundried tomatoes!!!!
Perhaps I need to go shopping????