Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Petite Critters!

There's something I have to admit. There's one thing other than biochemistry drawing my attention away from my blog at the moment. It's these guys:

They are soo cute, my little guinea pigs!!:-) They're actually my younger sister's, but she doesn't give a royal f*** about them, so I've borrowed them for a couple of weeks. They're named Tim & Bum, from the Danish translation of Cinderella - the mice that makes her dress, remember?

I've never actually had a pet before, so that probably accounts for me being so overly excited - I have to admit I kinda am! Even though my boyfriend find them a bit boring: "but they don't do anything but hang around in their cage Honey!?" I don't care. They're cute and they're cuddly - all you could want - but of course, so is he!

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OsloFoodie said...

Sooooooo cute they are! I have one pet myself, a tomcat(incidentally the most kissed cat in the neighbourhood, the same one that smells like whatever I am cooking in the kitchen hehe).