nothing like a lazy weekend morning in bed, with breakfast, food magazines and a new lens (that I don't quite know how to master yet, but still already adore)

I just realized I haven't recieved Gourmet since the May 2008 issue. (I am a subscriber. I don't expect them to just send them to me at random. Although after all those cookies, they should think about it, shouldn't they?)

But seeing I didn't realize the lack of Gourmet for a full eight months - do you think that means I've gone overboard in the food magazine department? Is there really such a thing?

I also subscribe to Saveur, Bon Appetit and Gastro (Danish food magazine. For men. I still get it though, it's the best around here.) Which ones do you get?

(Real food, coming right up. Oh, and happy 2009!)


Avory said…
Ha, oops! I get Gourmet, which is my favourite, and also Bon Appetit and Vegetarian Times, though I haven't renewed my subscriptions to the latter two. I like Bon Appetit, but it isn't super-special, and VT is too heavy on the vegan and healthy lifestyle stuff. I want veg recipes and restaurant reviews, but I don't need to know about ethical bodywash. I prefer Gourmet because I like reading actual articles. Gastronomica is good too, though it's technically a food "journal."
veggievixen said…
glad you're back! food magazines make me ridiculously happy. i'm a food dork, what can i say?

can't wait to see what you've been cookin' up.
The Food Hunter said…
I get way too many food magazines. But I enjoy them so much. I think my favorite is Food and Wine. I also like Cookinglight. Makes me feel not so guilty.
Gemma said…
I subscribe to Donna Hay and usually buy Gourmet, sometimes Bon Appetit and delicious, and occasionally my guilty pleasure, Martha Stewart Living!
Jeanne said…
I'm a very bad foodie - I subscribe to none! I do occasionalyl spurge and buy Olive and Delicious... What lens did you get?
Lekkermunn said…
At the moment I do not subscribe to any magazines, but I buy: Swedish Elle mat och vin, Danish Gastro, Norwegian NORD, French Cuisine et Vin de France, Olive, Donna Hay and Vogue Entertaining + Travel (No wonder there is no money left to buy food):-)
I don't find Gourmet here in Oslo, maybe I should try a subscription?
Anonymous said…
Only Saveur for me - I adore their food photography. I pick up the occasional Gourmet from the newstand though. And I rarely buy any of the UK food magazines...they don't really do it for me!
Elizabeth said…
I'm like Su-Lin. I only subscribe to SAVEUR and read it cover to cover. I dog-ear the recipes that I think we should try (my sister saw one of the magazines and said that dog-earing almost every page sort of defeats the purpose of dog-earing). I love the articles in SAVEUR and even though we've rarely followed many of their recipes to the letter, they've given us some great ideas.
jbeach said…
That's funny -- I probably wouldn't notice if one of my mags went missing, although I do so enjoy finding them in my mailbox!
I get Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Veg Times, Saveur (when my friend's done w/them, she subscribes), sometimes buy Martha Stewart Living, Eating Well, or Cooking Light. I love Donna Hay and Fine Cooking, but they're too expensive!
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