Wauw! There's a Blog Party Near You!

Greetings from Bayreuth! I'm here with my Dad (and an incredibly slow internet connection - but I found one!) and I just had to be a part of Stephanie's new event: Blog Party! Cook up a tasty, one (two-three-or-four)- bite(s)-sized treat - then blog about it, and send a link to Stephanie. You can even throw a real party if you want to, Lord knows you'll have plenty of ideas as to what to serve, drink and listen to, with the round-ups and editions to come! And if you don't know who else to invite, you can always invite me - tee-hee!

I just told you a little while ago about my tapas-esating sister. Well, so be it, I have a fairly sized repertoire of small morsels, and while I love the whole gather around the big bowl let me ladle you some stew, I also enjoy a perfect little treat, served just for me. One of them is the one pictured above. It's gazpacho (you know, the cold tomato soup) served in a shot-glass, this one served for my cousins 18-th. birthday. I decorate it with just a drop or two of extra virgin olive oil and a small stick of selery (sp?? I am far, far away from a dictionary, sorry;-))

One of the other reasons I also like this event is that we don't have to give specific recipes - and as it is, my gazpacho changes a bit from time to time - simply because I seem to forget what I did the last time. But these are the guidelines:

Plenty of fresh, ripe tomatoes, blanched, skinned and deseeded
Bell peppers, red and yellow (I do not like green ones - I do not!)
Selery (again with the sp?)
Olive oil
Sherry vinegar
Small bit of onion
Salt and pepper
Bread crumbs or stale bread

- all dumped into the food processor, whizzed, and chilled for at least a day (to make the flavors blend together too) Serve like this, or you could make (or buy) little grissini sticks or long croutons - cucumber sticks - whatever. Most importantly, have a GREAT party!

Thanks for the new event-invention Stephanie!

(PS: I'll updtae with all of the appropriate links - this internet-connection is so slow and I have to go to the opera soon!)


Barbara Fisher said…
Lots of people do not like green peppers, Zarah, but like them once they ripen into yellow, orange or red peppers. My husband Zak, is one such person. He really hates them green, but will eat them in all sorts of dishes once they ripen.

I think it is because the sugars in the ripe ones cover the bitterness that is all too aparent in the green ones.
Stephanie said…
Zarah, thanks so much for joining! I'm so happy you're coming to the party...

I'm the same way...I love little bites! You're gazpacho looks fantastic; thanks again for coming!

And I remember hearing Nigella say there's no excuse for ever using green peppers...
Cathy said…
Yum - sounds delicious! I was thinking it was awful quiet over here - I completely forgot about your trip to Bayreuth. Hope you're having a great time!
Anonymous said…
The gazpacho looks great...I love the idea of just serving a little bit in a glass...sometimes a big bowl of cold soup is just too much for me! Hope you had a great time at the opera and are having a fantastic vacation!
Stephanie said…
Zarah...the round-up is now up!
Altaf said…
Hi Zarah,
You should try the new resturants area( solidiere). Have fun in beyruth.

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