I've Created a Monster!

Or actually, that should be, WE, the natural yeasts in the air and I, have created a monster. I can't wait to see what we can breed from it!:-)


Cathy said…
ohh - good luck with it! I tried that once and didn't have much luck. Much as I love sourdough, I haven't been inclined to try it again. I'll keep my fingers crossed for yours (it already looks much more lively than mine ever did!)
Anonymous said…
Why do you call it a monster, it looks ready to make a go of it. It should bring joy!
Stephanie said…

Kevin is Seriously Good gave us a very nice starter; we've been feeding and feeding it...now I just have to turn it into something!

Good to have you back, btw.
*fanny* said…
Hi Zarah Maria - that's a sweet monster actually.
I can't wait to see neither!!!


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