Dining with the Bloggers - August 23rd.

This might be kind of silly - I mean why draw your attention to a blog that I'm almost a 100 % sure you already know? Because - well, because as soon as I saw what I tried for this post, I knew I had to try it. So bear with me - it might not be an unknown blog, but it's a good blog. (and there is, btw, noone telling me what I can or cannot do - so of course I can focus on a well known blog - heh!)

So: we're talking a guy that's writing cookbooks. Wait, let me re-phrase that - no just any old kind of cookbook. No, this man writes books on desserts. People - how could I not love this guy?

Yes, yes, it's him - it's David Lebovitz and his blog that I've put my clammy hands on this Wednesday. Ever since I first read his blog, I've been rolling around on the floor laughing - I love his sense of humour, and the man is downright FUNNY! Even honest, too (seriously - if you haven't read his confessions-post, you have to hurry up and do it - it's hilarious! It even spurred off a lot of other bloggers doing the same thing - in fact, I think I need to do one myself). And, where was I? Yes. He lives in Paris, and he gives out tips on how to survive there, be it as a tourist or as an American, without all those things you just can't live - or bake - without ('cause even though it is Paris, there are things even she can't provide! Like AC.) And he does dozen upon dozen of things with chocolate (and real food, too), all of which I'd love to eat. So no wonder he's marrying some of my favorite girls (yes, that's supposed to be plural) - and I think he might have his eyes set on one more - they sure seem like they're having a lot of fun!:-)

Anywho, what I want is his Dulce de Leche Brownies. Oh dear. When I saw these, I couldn't get them of my mind again. Chocolate and dulce de leche, in the same treat? Gaaaaaaah! Easy pick!

When reading the recipe, I did think to myself: hmm... adding eggs to the (somewhat warm) mixture of butter and chocolate - wouldn't that make the chocolate curdle ? And oh the horror! Maybe not taste so good either?? And I was right. I did leave the chocolate-butter mixture to cool for a little while, but even so, adding the first egg, the batter looked a little funky. Maybe it gets better when I add the rest, I thought. Not so. Even worse. 'So okay, adding the sugar, that will help.' Ah-ah. Drats. 'I mean, really, who is this guy, anyway?? Some chocolate-baking book professionel, who's effing up a brownie?? C'mon! What's up with that? Yeah so he's done books, he's baked for ages and ages, probably from even before I was born, and...' ooooops! While grumbling away, I'd added the flour and suddenly - suddenly it all looked like it should. Like a real brownie batter. Glossy and shiny. 'Okay, okay, I take it all back! 'Cause this looks mighty fine!' I dolloped batter and dulce de leche in the brownie pan...

and I baked it - and I LOVED it!

Make sure you do use a whole can of dulce de leche - I cut the amount a little, because I was afraid it was going to overpower the brownie, but ended up getting pieces of brownie sans dulce de leche, which was kind of not the point. I learned my lesson - twice! - from now on, I'll trust David anytime!:-)

I usually make my dulce de leche by boiling the can of condensed milk covered with a couple inches water - David is a sissy (tee-hee!) and has a no-boiling-can recipe here, should you need it.


Nic said…
Great choice, Zarah. I'm glad that you and Cathy have revived your event!
Anonymous said…
Lovely look to this giant brownie! I will have to try his great recipe!
Cathy said…
ooo, that does look good!

Nic - Zarah is going it alone this time - I'm just sitting back and enjoying her posts!
Anonymous said…
I don't know how many recipes containing dulce de leche I have bookmarked over the last year , but still not a single one got realized! Your (and David's) brownies may mark the turning point... ;) Looks to die for!
Zarah Maria said…
Hi Nic! As Cathy said in her comment, I am - bo-hoo - at it myself this time around. But I, looking forward to doing it - I learn so much from trying other peoples recipe, technique-wise and flavorwise - it's a good way of educating oneself!:-)

Hi Bea! Do try it - it's great!

Hi Cathy! Want a piece? Oh wait, it's already gone!:-)

Hi Nicky! I know just what you're saying - I was doing the exact same thing for a year or so, until I finally took the jump and (had my boyfriend) boil a can of condensed milk. Now, I'm unstopable - I've even come to the point where I think there are too little dulce de leche recipes out there! So step out into the land of ddl, just know that there's no way back!;-D
mary grimm said…
I'm a David L lover, too--I just bought his chocolate cookbook which looks devastatingly good.
Stephanie said…
Oh, Zarah...you know I'm a DlD lover!

However...there doesn't seem to be a link for the brownie recipe?? Please...don't keep my hanging like this!!
Zarah Maria said…
Hi Lucette! I don't dare buy his books - I'm afraid I'd grow awfully fat from all the things I'd like to try (and will make!) from them! That said, they're on my amazon wishlist - heh!

Hi Stephanie! So sorry about the link - that's what happens when I fiddle around with stuff too much. It should be fixed now... Go get 'em!:-)
Jen said…
oh this brownie is just to die for, I love the marbling on top with the dulce de leche. Just gorgeous.

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