Sunday, August 21, 2005

Return of a Blogger

I have now safely returned from the German highways - I managed to get the car to 190 km/hour at one point - boy that was FAST!!:o)! Saw two amazing - and stylistically very different - instructions of Wagner operas (Tristan & Isolde and Lohengrin) in Bayreuth, the mecca of Wagner-fanatics. A great experience that I wouldn't mind doing all over, should tickets become available again (hint, hint Dad!)

Alas, vacation will soon come to an end - just one more week! I have to return to school - which, as always, sets mixed feelings of excitement, fear and joy rolling around in my tummy. Luckily, I got into the division I had as my first priority, so things are looking well from the beginning - it's always nice to get off to a good start. But you know, there are always all of the things you never got to do - like finishing the scrapbooks, alphabetize the cupboards, work like a dog to make enough money to last you through the winter (and for all the other stuff), getting into the habit of baking my own bread and plan our dinners for the forthcoming semester (wouldn't want to be caught of guard, now, would I?) And oh yeah - spend time with the family, the friends, send out e-mails and candy and answer the memes and... okay, I better stop now before I feel too bummed! :-) I've had a great summer, and I'm gonna squeeze out as much of the rest of it as I can before it really ends. For when it does end, I bought this little bag of tea from a cute shop in Bayreuth - it's filled with dry fruits and little heart-shaped candies - I'm sure it will be awfully sweet, but I just couldn't resist.

This post was supposed to be a little intro to what you might expect to see on these pages for the next couple of months - but - and there's always the but: I haven't made a plan (geez, another thing I didn't do!) [DANSK] will of course continue, and Dining with the Bloggers is due to return very soon - and my God there are so many new blogs I have to try recipes from I have no idea where to begin!

... I have made one plan for the future, though. It's not entirely devoted to food, but I'm sure food will be worked in there in miraculous ways! To set the plan alive, I will need to pick the brains of all you people - I promise it won't hurt, I'm a professional, remember? Tee-hee! So stay tuned - the next year will probably be just as weird as the first one*, LOL!

*yes, I am one of those persons with a blog turning one this month - in 3 days to be exact - it's amazing we can keep our aprons on with all those blog-toddlers around!


joey said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday you've had! Hope you enjoy your last week :-)

An advanced happy anniversary greetings to Food & Thoughts! Sounds like exciting times ahead! What is this mysterious and delectable sounding "plan" you speak of? :-)

Clare Eats said...

Happy Anniversary for 3 days time :)!
That sure is wonderful news, I look forward to reading your blog well into the future!

Ana said...

I'm glad you had wonderful holidays. Happy Blog Aniversary comming! Looking forward to reading your blog and trying some more of your recipes in the years ahead.

Caroline said...

Doesn't a year go by quickly. I remember when you announced on NK that you had started a blog, I was so pleased for you.

And now one year on, your still give excellent blogs, something I never doubted woud change.

Happy anniversary!

Creaturecomforts (Caroline. A very faithful reader)

Zarah Maria said...

Joey - I will reveal the "plan" in short time - stay tuned!;-)

Clare - I hope you'll keep coming by!

Ana - and right back at ya!

Caroline - Thank you so much! The one thing I regret about starting the blog is that my time on the NK boards has diminished to zero... who knows, maybe I'll have time again sometime... Anyways, just wanted to let you know that it really touched me to know that you've been here all the time!