Tuesday, April 26, 2005


So am I daft or what?! I just found out that my camera has one of those macro buttons. I thought surely, that was some fancy thing only very expensive cameras had. Nuh-uh. Mine does too. It's the little flower one. And it makes a world of a difference - now I can actually get as close to the food as I'd wanted to get, but never could! Horray! Not that I'm promising this place is going to start looking like some sort of gourmet magazine or anything, but I thought I'd share the news - maybe I'm not the only one that hasn't fully understood the capabilities of my fairly standard digi-cam?

And uh - Rachel taught me how to post multiple pictures, too. Man, soon this blogging business will be child's play!:-)

One more thing - a lot can be learned from the newly established Food Blog S'cool - so if you haven't already checked it out, do!


Niki said...

Oh THANK GOD! That posting and cutting and pasting and deleting original entries of photos was SO TEDIOUS that it really started to pi$$ me off! I can't wait to try the new way.
Yes - the macro function is just brilliant. I'm certainly no great photographer, but that little function can make your photos look really brilliant. I never use a flash either as it makes the food look fake and ugly.

Barbara Fisher said...

The macro function is a wonder. I use it a lot.

There is a different way to post multiple photos?

I'll have to give it a shot. As Niki said that cut paste delete business is tiresome.

Stephanie said...

gawd, I wish I had one of those! I hate our camera. We went cheap, thinking we'd only use it occasionally (right...pictures of Alex right after he was born should be taken on a piece of...anyway), and I end up taking fifteen shots just trying to get one good one!

Grrr...need new camera.

molly said...

Macro? I just learned the manual focus and now I need to learn a macro button? Sigh.

Andrea said...

Oh, yes! I have bought my digi-cam only a month ago and looked especially for one which has a macro function. I love that little flower! And thanks to Rachel, I can post multiply too now. And the 'blogscool' is cool. hehe