Monday, April 11, 2005

Flowers for You and Me

No no, I haven't disappeared totally - I'm just a busy little bee at the moment. So have a look at these pretty flowers that my Boyfriend gave me for my birthday this February, and I'll be back with a real post before you know it!


Andrea said...

Wonderful pic! Colours of the pictures make the site sooo inviting.

JourneyGirl said...

Hurrah for flowers! April seems a bit late for a February birthday, but then, there's never any need for an excuse to get flowers. My hubby periodically brings them home and it always makes the rest of the day so pleasant and festive. Happy Belated Birthday, Zarah!

Stephanie said...

Matt's made it a habit to pick up 18-to-a-bunch roses for me each week, when we go shopping. I don't know why, but that just makes me so darn happy!

Zarah Maria said...

Dreska - thank you!

Journeygirl - he did give them to me on my birthday, I just haven't had an excuse to post the picture until now. Although I did get flowers in March - and April too - just because! And I agree, the day suddenly looks a little brighter when you look out the window between the stems of flowers!

Stephanie - I know exactly what you're saying! I can usually tell when M is coming home with flowers (call it instinct! And no, not because he's been bad or anything!) - yet I'm still baffled each and every single time!