Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Dining with the Bloggers - April 13th

Around came the days that were full of CHEESE! Yes, that's right, this week the Bloggers are dining with, in and around cheese - Um? With me being a total novice in the Mac'n'cheese department, what would fall more natural than trying out an already tried and tested recipe for that? That is, a novice, apart from (okay, I am embarrassed now:) the Kraft version...

At A Spoonful of Sugar, one of the first food blogs I ever encountered, Angela had in her archives a small hidden treasure. Usually, I'm tempted by all of the cakes she's got going on over there, but this sounded wonderfully posh in a way that only the English, and Delia Smith could make it sound: Upmarket Souffléed Macaroni Cheese. That's like taking the two extremes of the culinary repertoire and trying to fit them together!

I love how Angela scold Delia for her way of writing recipes - as I've mentioned before, she is ridiculously meticulous - I mean so okay, I KNOW not the entire world is food blogging their way through life, but if you have at all cooked before, toasted a piece of bread, or, in this case, just taken a glance at someone boiling pasta, you WOULD know how much water to put in the pot!! Thank you Angela, for daring to say it out loud! I especially loved the WTF? just in the beginning of the post! LOL!

Back to the subject - da cheez. Working your way through the recipe will be well worth the result. I, for once, measured almost EVERYTHING for it - maybe except the nutmeg... Had to try doing it by the book, seeing as when I've made cheese sauces before, they never got cheesy enough in my opinion. You will end up with a surprisingly light and fluffy version of what I've been told is one of the world's highest rated comfort food dishes. I can see why. The taste is good, sticky bits on top, creamy and voluptuous underneath. Mine didn't soufflé as prettily as Angela's, but I don't believe it affected the taste. Served it with an iceberg salad and Dijon Mustard - elderflower vinegar - molasses dressing. Comfort with a kick.

Has Cathy grated her knuckles? Did she melt or just eat plain? Go find out!


Niki said...

I've been wanting to make this recipe ever since I first read it on Angela's site. I also have a laugh at St Delia's recipes; she does remind me of a schoolteacher!

Nic said...

Sounds tasty. I love making souffles, too. Somehow it just makes the food a bit more exciting: elegance, presentation and comfort all in one dish!

Angela said...

Whoops, I only just noticed that you made the macaroni cheese! Glad you got a laugh out of my comments on St Delia, too :)