Dining with the Bloggers - January 17th, 2007

You thought I was going to cheat, didn't you? Well, who would I be to blame you, it's happened before - but no, here we are!

This week, we're going to the countryside - to be precise, we're going to visit a fellow Scandinavian in, um - Italy. Makes no sense? Well, get Ilva to explain it to you - she's the writer and photographer of the stunningly beautiful Lucullian Delights. I keep bookmarking recipes from her site and I always, but always, drool on my keyboard - seriously, how do you make something as humble as an onion look this good??

A couple months ago, she made a little number called Plum and Oatmeal Cupcakes and as I found myself with an abundance of plums on the very same day she posted the recipe, I jumped straight at it. That is, I had to ask for help - there was a couple thing missing in the ingredients list, but luckily, Ilva must have been sitting at her computer at the very same time I put in my comment, 'cause she was swift with an answer and an update of the recipe. And just you be glad she was, because these are worth trying.

The cupcake/muffin takes on a marzipan-like consistency (I guess the oat flour is the guilty one here?) and the plum adds a little savory, fruity, soft note to it. Yummy! They're dead easy to make and really, there's no excuse not to. They even look adorable!


Pille said…
Lovely cupcakes! I've tried several Ilva's recipes and they've all been a great success. And yes, her pictures simply make you drool:)
Oh you lucky, lucky girl. Wish I could visit Ilva now with you.
Lovely cupcakes.
Anonymous said…
Those cupcakes sound delicious! Thanks for passing on all those links...must check them out :) I already took a peek at the spring onions...yum!)
Ilva said…
Oh how nice you are! (And Pille too) You have made me feel so good, thanks! And I do have a special love for Denmark, I spent all my summer's between I was 2 until I was about 20 on Laesö, lovely place! And Danes are lovely people, obviously!
Anonymous said…
thank you for this post. lovely.
Anonymous said…
I am always interested in joining a baking class.. and got more interested in it after reading your blog (havent read it thoroughly though). Have any suggestion where I can join a good baking class in Copenhagen?
Zarah Maria said…
Pille, Tanna, Joey - indeed they were lovely cupcakes. I really oughta make up for them with one of Ilva's vegetable dishes...

Ilva - you're so very welcome! You know what? I've never been to Læsø... Shame on me!

D. - you're welcome!

Linda - I've never taken any baking classes myself, but if I could choose, I'd take one by Camilla Plum - she's not in Copenhagen, but an hours drive or so from here, I think. She's my baking queen! Otherwise, check out Meyers Madhus (do a Google search, he'll pop up) - they might have something going on? Good luck to you, let me know how it goes!

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