Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bienvenida a Miami!

The first sight of land, after 12 hours of air-borne time. Not too bad. Right now, we're in Lighthouse Point, Florida - it's been kind of hard finding wi-fi access (something I thought would be as easy as scratching your ahem, but there you go!) but now, NOW we found a spot (good thing we're leaving tomorrow and will have to look for a new one - duh!)

Anyways, just wanted to let you all know we're safe and sound - for more pictures (and Danish writing) go to the other blog. I will put up loads more pictures here, as time and wifi access permits, but if you want to see them now, go have a look there!

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Cathy said...

Hi Zarah!! Guess what - I was out shopping today and found a wi-fi hot spot. I think it may be the first one I've ever seen in the area (other than the type you pay for). Hope you're having lots of fun! I'm headed over to you other blog now to see your photos...