Sunday, January 22, 2006


- this is what leaving a 2,5 kg. bag of chocolate buttons close to the heater will get you - just in case you were wondering...;-)


Andrea said...

yeah, interesting creation.
I keep my 'callets'(Callebaut) in a brand-new toolbox locked up(my hubby's idea, so that he can't get to them) in the porch where it is always cold. I was protesting to have them sitting on their own, but now I see the good side.

linda said...

mmmmmm, chocolate..

In an effort to hear more from you, I tagged you for the 7 meme. I know you are a busy lady and soon to be heading out on the road, but if you have time..

Stephanie said...

That often happens to me...I'll set out my baking supplies, and Matt will turn on a burner or the oven.

Next thing I know? Chocolate modern art!

Ivonne said...

It looks like art to me ... delicious art!

Luisa said...

Ha, this happened to me recently. Frustrating! But also delicious because then you have no recourse but to eat all the fused chips right then and there. ahem.