Friday, November 11, 2005

Entertain MeMe - All Those Sparkles...

Sometimes, I don't feel like sharing my food. I mean, I'm all for unpretentious serving on big platters and putting pots straight on the table, here, serve yourselves. But. Sometimes, I want something that's mine, and noone elses. My bowl, my plate, my jar - Mine, and mine alone.

Maybe it's all those years in the restaurant business. Maybe it's seeing all of those individually plated dishes going out from the kitchen, and explaining every little detail on the plate to customer after customer. Maybe I like it when there's attention to detail. Or maybe, just maybe - I just like a little showing off.

I have a lot of glasses. Lots. In all sorts af shapes and sizes and designs. And they're not your regular drinking glasses. Well, some of them are, but that's not what they're used for - drinking. I use mine for serving - for entertaining. For making sure that every person, at least at some point in the meal have something that is his or hers - and ONLY his or hers. 'Cause that's how I like it myself!

So naturally, when Jennifer from Taste Everything Once asked us all to join her "Entertain MeMe" this week, there was no doubt in my mind - it had to be a highlighting of the mighty glass!

Of course, your little cups and ramekins doesn't necessarily
have to be made of glass - believe me, I have quite a bunch of porcelain ones too - but glasses are often cheaper, they're seethrough (I like knowing what's on the bottom of what I'm going to eat!) and well - I like the sparkles.

I like how everything shimmers when you put down a tray of shot glasses in the candle light, or when you serve a trifle on a hot summer day, the sunlight flickers off of the rim of the glass.
Martini glasses aren't meant for martinis only - serve a piped out chocolate mousse in a glass like that and you have a perfect dessert that needs little less for decoration. Use them as little bowls for individual condiments, sitting by each persons plate, so everyone can double dip the spring roll into the sweet chili sauce without feeling bad about it - or use glasses for dips and spreads with a larger glass for cruditées for a pre-dinner snack. You can play it up with tall, streamlined glasses, or go for bulky tumblers for that rustic chic look.

I bought mine in all sorts of weird places: dollar shops - the supermarket - the cute shop with way too many things I'd like to own - gift shops - so I'm pretty sure you'd be able to get something like 'em at Williams-Sonoma too!

And I have to say, the shot glasses come in handy for a boozy night too!;-)

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Ellen said...

Loved this! I like little serving bowls and seem to collect them but hadn't thought somehow to use glasses. Now I'll need to star collecting those too!

Jennifer said...

I love the Me! Me! Me! spirit of individual glasses. Sometimes you just want to be spoiled and greedy.

Thank you for participating!

Alicat said...

Just a quick note to let you know that the link you have for Something So Clever has changed! It is now

*Just a friendly reminder* :D

JANNIS said...

I liked the Me!Me!Me! idea and the Dinner with Bloggers.
As for Me (!), well, I just started me BlogPage
Well, it´s sort of technorati stuff on globalization etc etc but I guess it´s not uninteresting. And I would love to hear creative ideas from creative people. So I would love to read your comments, remarks, jokes and stories from Wonderful Copenhagen.