Thursday, October 6, 2005


Lyrics adapted from Lionel Richie's: Hello

Is it DwB you're looking for?
I know I should have done the post
I know I should have blogged right here
But my house is full of boxes
And my head is spinning 'round
Because there's just so much to do
And I just can't do it all
But I want to tell you so much
I miss you!

Sorry 'bout that weird little intro - just felt like I had to make some sort of effort after having neglected everyone and everything around the Food Blogging World for more than a week. And you know, this is the sort of stuff you'll come up with when your head's been in and out of moving boxes and you're sniffing cleaning products for a couple of hours a day. Just imagine what will happen when we start painting, LOL! Anyways, things are good, apart from the missing internet connection - the new place is amazing, it's huge and bright and we're loving it! Even the little guy took the move pretty well - he got his very own basket to travel in, too! He knows how to make himself comfortable...

I'll hopefully be back in full-time blogging mode soon - and I will definitely be on the wagon for next weeks Dining with the Bloggers. Meanwhile, Cathy's pointing you straight to one of the best foodblogs around this week - go check her post out.

(and oh dear - I'm a couple meme's behind. I've been tagged for both 23/5 and a Kitchen meme - I'll be playing along as soon as possible!)


Heather said...

I have been reading your site for awhile and wanted to ask you if you can explain to me the "being tagged for a meme" and dining with bloggers?

tattum said...

Hi Zarah Maria, I imagine the mess you must have around, but it's great when you love your new house!! don't stop writing! ;) Besos

Stephanie said...

Of course I'm happy to see a new post, but darn it all, Zarah! Now I have "Hello" stuck in my head. I mean stuck. I lived through that song the first time around (and yes, used it for prank phone calls..c'mon; I was in middle school)...I try to forget about Lionel Richie if I can!

Seriously, nice to see you're getting settled in.

Lori said...

Ohhh, haven't heard that song since the 80s. Now it'll haunt me for the rest of the day. :p I hope your move (is it a move?) is coming along well, Zarah Maria. :) Can't wait for your future posts once you've settled in.