Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dining with the Bloggers - October 12th.

We-hey! An internet connection! Not my own, but that doesn't matter - it's fit for doing this weeks version of Dining with the Bloggers and that's what matters.

Coming to you straight from the brand new kitchen is my version of a recipe found at Anne's Food, written by fellow Scandinavian blogger, Anne. She writes her blog from Sweden, to be more exact from Stockholm, and tells us that she's completely obsessed with food and cooking. And also adds in her "about" text that she's a wee bit obsessed about cats. And who wouldn't be if they had cats as gorgeous as hers??

I actually first met Anne at Nigella's Kitchen - an awesome on-line forum for Nigella-fans, and just, you know, food fans in general. I might be wrong, but I could be lead to believe that one of Anne's other obsessions (just like it is mine) is baking and cakes. Especially out of Nigella's books (just like me - again). She also does plenty of savory dishes I'd love to try (and elderflower cordial, yum!), but my new kitchen needed baking goods, and when I stumbled upon Cappucino Cupcakes, there was no looking back.

Anne suggested making them smaller in size, and also wrote that he recipe yielded a LARGE amount, so she halved it herself. I halved it too, and halved the recipe for the frosting, and it fit perfectly - it made 15 small muffins, and 5 medium ones. And they are super rich, just like Anne warned - but super lovely! A hint of coffee in the taste, chocolate and butter and cocoa - mmm-mmm-mmm. Mine are a bit darker than Anne's, but I suppose I just used another brand of cocoa powder. There's still a couple left, and Anne's idea of making them small are probably good, if you concider the richness of them - the bad part about making them small is that they fit perfectly into your mouth, so everytime I pass the plate, I eat one! I'll just have to learn to live with that, don't I?

Be sure to stop by Cathy's to see what she's done this week!


Anne said...

Oooh, those look delicious! Indeed, they look so good I must make them myself again :) Thank you so much for all the lovely comments, totally heartwarming at the end of a very long day :)

Many hugs! :)

Ana said...

Those look so luscious Zarah!

plum said...

Those look scrumptious Zarah Maria! Were you using those mini-muffin pans?

Cathy said...

Hi Zarah - So you baked in your new kitchen! The cupcakes look fantastic!