Wednesday, August 25, 2004

On blogs and cooking

I looove cooking. Well, if you've read the undertitle for this blog, you'd already know that. Somehow, I feel that a lot of people think that cooking equals entertaining, and I must admit that I do like when I have other people enjoying the food I make with me. Then again, I certainly never mind making myself a decent meal - it's just that I'm usually so hung up with school, work, TV?! - that I'm lousy at getting myself stuck in the kitchen (OMG did I just sound like Jamie Oliver? That really wasn't intended!)

Maybe, just maybe, this blog could help me start using my vast collection of cookbooks (BF promised we'd pass 100 this year) - if not for anything else, than at least to have something to write about in here! I know, I know - it's not exactly anything breathtakingly new, but I'm starting to think that blogs isn't necessarily about being inventive - it might as well be homey and comfy and a nice place to check into...?

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Santos said...

hi zarah maria

i've just found your blog through oslo foodie, i'm enjoying it very much. i think you are right about food blogs being homey and a nice place to check into--even if it's not your home. i live on the island of guam, and i don't get to leave all that often, so this is a way of armchair (er, ergonomically designed workchair, that is) travelling...and eating without the calories!