Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Another day at work...

How come it doesn't really feel like the day is over when you work 12 hours straight? Maybe I should explain: I work at a restaurant and what with the summer break and everything, this is time to make some money! I actually really like my job - I'm a waitress - but it's kinda: you wake up - go to work - work - go home - and go to bed. That can't be all there is!

So that's why I'm so happy BF's been working today as well - right now he's making me a cup of Baileys Cream tea and in a minute he'll be sitting next to me, watching a weird program on Discovery. Guess the day's not too bad after all!

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d.x. said...

your english is pretty incredible for a dane. i was in copenhagen once. i was 9 months old though. don't remember it.