I baked.

Bread. Last week. It happens, every once in a while. Last week, I also had pizza made with pre-made crust, and at least one take-out meal. 

I'm far, far away from the food blogging scene, but I miss it here. I miss writing about food, and reading about food. I miss cooking. Dancing in the kitchen with ingredients.

It's not like we don't cook no more, it's more like I don't take photos of it. 

But perhaps now is as good a time as ever to get back to it. It's been two years, almost. Perhaps I should just do it, as they say. I will. I'll press 'publish', just like that. Here you go!


Jennie said…
I couldn't believe my eyes, looking at my blog feed - yay! :)
ChichaJo said…
Welcome back! :) ((hug))
Ellemme said…
I love the picture with the skein in background.. Food, but yarn is everywhere, even in your kitchen isn't it? :)
Jeg tror du er den eneste danske blogger jeg kender, som har blogget længere end mig :-) Jeg startede i marts 2006, bl. a. inspireret af dig - og nu kommer min kogebog snart :-)

Det ser som altid lækkert ud.....

Mange hilsner
Pille said…
Come back, Zarah Maria :)
tea_austen said…
I was thinking of you recently and thought I would pop over and say hi. So hi!
I hope you and your family are all doing well. xox
KtyHappyKnits said…
You baked. Yes. But you cast on as well, didn't you ? Both blue skein and bread leaf make me hungry !

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